Month: May 2017
Infographic: UX Tools for Feature Flag Driven Releases

Launching and enhancing features for your mobile app can be a time-consuming challenge fraught with risk. At Apptimize, we are always looking for opportunities to help you iterate faster and create features your users love. In this post we’re proposing a simple, but robust, framework for feature flag driven feature releases aided by UX analysis […]

by Apptimize
3 Simple Features Mobile Retail Apps Use to Increase Retention

Retail sellers have an easy way to incentivize customers to download their mobile apps: offering them unique products, one-time discounts, and special offers not otherwise available to other customers. The real challenge, however, begins with building retention in mobile retail apps.  To keep users engaged beyond that initial “aha” moment, mobile app designers need to create […]

by Apptimize
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