Month: June 2017
This is How Top-Grossing Apps Design Their UX for High Engagement

In 2016 alone, the Apple App Store and Google Play generated a combined net revenue of $8.7 billion.  The astounding amount included revenue from in-app sales of anything from animated bear-and-rabbit stickers to countless replays of all four seasons of Silicon Valley. The secret behind the most profitable apps available in the app stores today […]

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3 Tactics Retail Giants Use to Encourage Mobile App Engagement

A simple mobile-app-only sales campaign can easily boost app downloads for a retailer. The challenge for retailers, however, comes in convincing users to keep using their mobile apps after that initial sale has been claimed.  Mobile retail apps need to provide ongoing value to keep users engaged in the long run. That’s why user engagement […]

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How the Largest Apps by Revenue Ace User Onboarding

Onboarding users to your mobile app isn’t just about teaching them how to use your features or what they can accomplish through your app. While some apps generate millions in revenue, most apps in the app store never reach a critical mass of users to make it pass the sink line. User onboarding offers mobile […]

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Now Apptimize supports tvOS and Android TV apps!

The need for experimentation on tvOS and AndroidTV apps A majority of users use their Over-the-top content (OTT) apps in the comfort of their home. OTT apps, unlike mobile apps, often engage multiple users at the same time. (Think of the time your friends came over for the season premiere of Game of Thrones or […]

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