Month: February 2018
What You Need to Know When Deciding to Build or Buy Your Experimentation Software

You’ve already come to the conclusion that experimentation is the best way to create the optimal user experience. You know that a better user experience can improve engagement, retention and revenue and thus helps you grow your product and organizational KPIs faster. Experimentation testing gives you cold, hard data to answer any kind of question […]

by Neha Mittal
3 Ways the Top Health & Fitness Apps Have Great User Retention

Product leaders are increasingly realizing that simply acquiring users isn’t enough for their mobile apps. In order to form lasting connections, you need to focus on user retention: demonstrating the value of your product as a means to earn loyal users who will engage on a regular basis. As retention gains importance as a KPI for […]

by Neha Mittal
Q&A with Adam Fingerman, ArcTouch Co-Founder and CXO

When Apple announced the original App Store in 2008, it immediately sparked a business idea for two former college roommates: There would be money to be made from iPhone apps. Adam Fingerman and Eric N. Shapiro went on to start San Francisco-based ArcTouch — which officially opened its doors in 2009, and has since become […]

by Neha Mittal