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Make Your App Sticky: Retention Lessons From 3 Top Travel Apps

According to research done by Google, 88% of travelers with smartphones would switch to another app if the one they’re using doesn’t satisfy their needs. Travel booking isn’t something people do every day, or even every month, which makes retention a tricky proposition for travel apps. To attract a loyal base of users who stick around, […]

by Wei Kuan Lum
3 Mobile UX Design Principles for Travel Apps

If the internet has put the world at our fingertips, mobile apps—especially mobile travel apps—have put it beneath our thumbs. Only problem is that the entire world can sometimes prove too much for the limited reach and mobility of thumbs, making mobile apps overwhelming and frustrating rather than accommodating and delightful.  The reality is that […]

by Wei Kuan Lum
A Primer on Driving Retention with Triggers

I’m a compulsive fridge opener. There. I said it. Whenever I enter a kitchen, you can almost guarantee I’m going to open the fridge door—even if it’s not mine. Sorry about that. It’s not that I like wasting power or feel the need to pry. Oftentimes I’ve already pulled the door open before I realize […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
Brace Yourselves. Code Freeze is Coming – Here Are the Adjustments You Need to Make

The holiday season is nigh. It’s undoubtedly a wonderful time of the year where we can enjoy egg nog, relatives, presents, and the crippling inability to update our apps or boost app rankings. Each year in December, Apple is kind enough to give its App Store team some well deserved R&R. While it’s an admirable […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
16 Mobile Mistakes That Plummet User Retention Rates

User retention is about whether you’re building a quality product that hooks in users and keeps them coming back. It starts with addressing user needs and concerns, then digging deeper into figuring out what really connects with your users. To help you with this process, we’ve compiled a list of 16 of the most commonly cited reasons as to why users are leaving your app.

by Yinmeng Zhang
App UX Analytics: The Key to Understanding your Users’ Behavior

This is a guest post written by Alon Even of Appsee. In the highly competitive world of apps, you need to fully understand the user experience. You need to know how users are using your app. You need to know where they are getting stuck, experiencing friction and refining to optimize the user experience. Apps […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
Why Vevo Got Rid of Onboarding Tutorial Screens

How We Optimized Our Native Mobile Login Flow By Corinne Almirol (Sr. Product Manager, Vevo) and Jon Li (Sr. Product Director, Vevo) So you want more registrations. You want users to log in so that you can start a relationship with your customers. You want them to them to connect with your content, your other […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
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