Third Party IntegrationsΒΆ

Apptimize has support for a number of third party integrations, either via an integration kit or directly from the SDK. Each integration supports either data exporting from Apptimize to the third party, data importing from the third party to Apptimize, or both.

In order to control your data flow, we provide two configuration flags to control whether the SDK will automatically export or import data from these third party services. By default, both exporting and importing data are enabled.

For Android, these are set by calling one of the following methods:

ApptimizeOptions.setThirdPartyEventExportingEnabled(boolean enabled)
ApptimizeOptions.setThirdPartyEventImportingEnabled(boolean enabled)

For iOS, they are set by adding the following boolean keys in Info.plist:


In addition to the integrations that are built in to the SDK, we also support third parties through integration kits. These are packages that you would install using CocoaPods or Maven to add support for a particular third party integration.

When using an integration kit, the kit will handle initialization of the Apptimize SDK and will control whether the SDK should be exporting or importing data automatically from other third party services. For example, mParticle disables all event exporting and importing within the Apptimize SDK to ensure that all data flows through mParticle and is not bypassed from the Apptimize SDK. Refer to the third party integration kit documentation to determine exactly what the behavior of that kit is.

The full list of third party integrations and what types of data flow they support are shown in the table below.

Third Party Integration Importing Exporting Type Supported Methods
Flurry Yes API Built in Events with duration
Google Analytics Yes API Built in Events
Mixpanel Yes API Built in Events, Super Properties
Omniture Yes API Built in State Events, Action Events, User Identifiers
Localytics Yes Auto Built in Events, Dimensions
Amplitude Yes API Built in Events,Revenue Events Yes Auto Kit Events
mParticle Yes Auto Kit Events, Attributes