2. Details & Goals

After installing the Apptimize SDK, you’re ready to set up your first experiment!

From the Dashboard, click Create in the upper right and select the A/B Experiment project to start a new experiment.

Experiment Details

To get started, give your experiment a name and description that will allow you to easily reference it later. Descriptions may include a brief synopsis of what is being tested, links to any external docs or tools (such as JIRA), and the overall goal for the experiment. Add tags to organize your experiments and easily search and categorize them on the dashboard.

Screenshot showing an example experiment's Step 1 Details page demonstrating location for entering in experiment title, notes and tags.


On the goals page, specify the event(s) that will define success for this experiment. The “primary goal” is the most important goal for this experiment. In an onboarding experiment, for example, overall purchases may be the primary metric for success. You may additionally want to track registrations, and also types of registrations (e.g. Email vs. Facebook). All events and funnels added on the goals page will also be shown on the results page.

If your event or funnel does not exist, you’ll need to create it before adding it as as goal. See events and funnels for more information.

Screenshot showing an example experiment's Step 2 Goals page demonstrating a primary goal set as a Conversion funnel and a single event goal called Registration.Configure an Experiment

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