Pilot Users

Pilot users are specific users that are granted early or guaranteed access to a feature (internal, beta users, press, etc). Make sure you’ve installed our Pilot Targeting API before continuing. Check out the Feature Flag installation guide if you haven’t done this yet.

Note that pilot users are independent of all other feature flag controls. Meaning, if you want to target a feature only to pilot users, you should set the allocations percentage to 0%. This ensures no additional randomly selected users will see the feature. Pilot users will also always see the feature flag, regardless of whether they meet other specified targeting or version criteria.

To add a user, specify the user ID (required). You can also specify the user’s name (optional) for referenceability. Only the user ID is used to determine the specific user to target.


It’s also possible to create and edit groups of users manually or via .csv upload by clicking on “create a group”. See User Groups for more information. Any previously created groups will be available in the dropdown for use with Feature Flags.