Apptimize supports server-side experimentation and release management through several server-oriented SDKs including PHP.

Our server-side SDKs support programmatic experimentation (Dynamic Variables and Code Blocks) as well as Feature Flags.

SDK Installation

Sign in or Register for Apptimize. You’ll see a welcome page that asks for the name of your app. After entering all your info, you’ll see these installation instructions again.

  1. Download the latest php SDK from the SDK Download page.
  2. Extract the archive in your PHP application directory.

3. Include Apptimize in your relevant PHP files with the following: require_once("apptimize-php-server/apptimize.php");

  1. You should now have access to all Apptimize APIs.

You can find our latest PHP API Documentation here.

Initializing Apptimize

To initialize Apptimize, make the following call with the App Key associated to your app, which can be found in the Install tab of your Dashboard. Note that setup has to be called for each unique session in which you are using the Apptimize API.