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A/B Testing

A/b Test Seamlessly

Improve your app's UI/UX to advance business objectives.

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Go live in Minutes

Target a region, audience segment,
or a percentage of your user base
with new features.

Full Control Visual Editor

Design, reword, change colors,
change fonts and more - right at
your fingertips.

Test Anything (Literally!)

Dynamic variables and code blocks
support Objective-C, Swift, Java,
HTML5, Xamarin, React Native.

Statistical Rigor

The only statistically valid
randomized experiment
methodology in the app market.

Tagless 5- minute Installation

Analytics auto-import means zero
dev time is needed on otherwise
time-intensive event tagging.

Optimize Conversion Funnels

Measure experiment success with funnels— a flow of events a user can execute on your app. Continuously testing and improving conversion flows, will boost core KPIs, including revenue and the average revenue per customer.

Enhance Your App’s User Experience

Keep your users engaged. Experiment with changes in color, copy, position PLUS images, navigation items, list views, and layouts through the WYSIWYG Visual Editor.

Improve User Onboarding

1 in 4 users deletes an app after a single use. Help new users be successful with your app by testing and iterating on the onboarding experience.

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