A/B Testing

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Use mobile A/B Testing to drive key user behaviors in native iOS and Android apps with statistical certainty.

Fast Mobile A/B Testing
Fast Mobile A/B Testing
“There was one really minor change that we made quickly…. I was shocked by it! My gut said no… but I was proven wrong! I was proven wrong by data.”
—Corinne Almirol, Product Manager, Vevo
Vevo Mobile A/B Testing case study
Improve Onboarding
“If you don’t nail onboarding your developers may as well have been drinking beers instead of building those features that no one saw.”
— Nancy Hua, CEO, Apptimize

Rigorously improve the onboarding experience with Apptimize. Learn more.
Mobile A/B Test iOS Android Onboarding
A/B Test User Flows
Optimize Flows
Convert more customers by A/B testing user flows. See how Groupon and KAYAK tested and iterated their way to optimized checkout flows.
A/B Test Anything You Can Code
Apptimize's Visual experiments let you change UI on the fly, but with Dynamic Variables and Code Blocks, you can A/B testing just about anything. Apptimize supports: Objective-C, Swift, Java, HTML5, Xamarin, React Native.
Programmatic Mobile A/B Testing
Mobile A/B Testing Results
Integrated Results
Apptimize automatically integrates with Localytics, Mixpanel, Omniture, Google Analytics, or Flurry. You'll be able to run A/B tests based on already tagged analytics events and see Apptimize test results in your anatlyics dashboard. See how it works.
Tagless 5 Minute Installation
Most A/B testing solutions claim easy installation but actually take hours of developer time to tag all the events you want to track and all the elements you want to test. With Apptimize, installation takes no tagging at all. All events are imported automatically from your analytics framework and all UI elements can be changed instantly.
Easy Mobile A/B Testing iOS Android Integration