Mobile AB Testing for iOS and Android apps

A/B Testing for Mobile Product Teams

Powerful mobile experimentation made easy.

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Robust WYSIWYG Visual Editor for easy mobile experimentation

WYSIWYG Visual Editor

Run A/B/n and multivariate tests on buttons, color, text, CTAs, and more with our best-in-class WYSIWYG Visual Editor for iOS and Android.

Programmatic Mobile A/B Testing

Programmatic Tests

Test anything you can code – from search algorithms to the number of steps in a conversion flow – through dynamic variables and code block experiments.

Derive insights from mobile A/B experiments

Results and Analytics

Understand how tests affect key metrics before deploying the winning version broadly with a single click.

Codeless Visual Testing

Go live with an experiment in minutes without writing a single line of code. Test changes in color, copy, layout, images, navigation items, CTAs, and more with the most robust WYSIWYG Visual Editor on the market for iOS and Android apps.

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Codeless Visual Testing for iOS and Android apps

Drive Subscriptions and Conversions

CTAs, copy, button colors, product images, form field labels – there are endless elements to optimize to increase the likelihood of conversion. Does cancel anytime messaging boost the number of premium subscriptions? Launch a simple A/B test to understand the impact. No developers needed!

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Drive mobile subscriptions and conversions with visual A/B testing

Improve User Onboarding

Test everything from value propositions, CTAs, hero images, and more in the user onboarding flow to ensure first time users are successful with your app.

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Improve mobile user onboarding for iOS and Android apps with AB experimentation

Boost In-App Engagement

Engaged users are more valuable. Increase in-app engagement (and consequently conversion as well as retention) by optimizing individual elements of the app’s UI/UX. Do images highlighting attractions interest more users? Or do users prefer activity and adventure based images? Is this preference the same across different user segments? Go live with a visual test in under 5 minutes to find out the answers. No coding needed!

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Boost in-app engagement with easy to use visual AB tests.

Optimize All Facets of your App

From new payment options to the layout and number of search results, Programmatic AB Testing allow you to test and improve anything you can code. Apptimize supports Objective-C, Swift, Java, HTML5, React Native, and Xamarin.

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Optimize all features of your app through programmatic mobile AB testing.

Launch Tests Faster with Dynamic Variables

Tag variables in an app’s code once, and reuse them again through an intuitive dashboard. Dynamic Variables allow non-technical product owners to launch complex A/B experiments like the order of screens in an onboarding flow within minutes.

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Dynamic Variables allow non-technical product owners to launch complex A/B experiments within minutes.

Streamline Conversion Flows

Test the effect of different payment options, the number of steps in a conversion funnel, guest flows, search algorithms and more on mobile conversions. HotelTonight tested eliminating the mandatory account creation screen against in-line checkout. This Dynamic Variable A/B test boosted hotel bookings by 15%!

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Streamline conversion flows in your iOS and Android apps with programmatic A/B tests.

Improve User Onboarding

Great user onboarding is crucial to mobile growth. Test everything from the number and order of screens in the onboarding tutorial to the available signup options. Vevo increased signups by nearly 6% by optimizing their user onboarding flow.

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Vevo increased signups by nearly 6% by optimizing their mobile app's user onboarding flow.

Intuitive Test Results Dashboard

Analyze how experiments performed across selected goals. Easily understand the true impact of each version of the app on the desired KPIs, as well as the best time to stop running an experiment. Push the winning version live to all (or selected) users with just two clicks.

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Intuitive dashboards to understand the impact of A/B experiments on desired KPIs.

Importing Events Made Easy

Automatically import events from analytics providers like Amplitude, Flurry, Google Analytics, Localytics, Mixpanel or Omniture / Adobe Analytics to the Apptimize dashboard. Use automatically imported events as goals or to create funnels to measure success for all A/B experiments.

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Automatically import events from mobile analytics providers: Amplitude, Flurry, Google Analytics, Localytics, Mixpanel, and Omniture / Adobe Analytics.

Track Retention and Engagement

From the average number of screens viewed per session and average session length, to 1-day and 7-day retention – automatically track an experiment’s effect on engagement and retention. There is no need for additional programming, tagging, or even clicking.

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Automatically track the impact an experiment had on mobile retention and engagement.

Results Beyond Conversion™

Gain deeper insights into experiments’ effect on user behavior. Create custom metrics and early indicator metrics to measure and optimize user monetization, retention and engagement. Create health metrics templates, like basket size and value per user, for your team to connect experiments to the overall product performance.

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