Feature Flags

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Control feature releases, run marketing campaigns, and target user experiences. For iOS & Android.

Staged Rollout Features
Staged Rollout
Send your new feature to just 5% of your users, then 50%, then everyone. Or release to one region or segment and then expand to more. Find a critical bug or UX problem? Easily roll back or turn the feature off altogether.
Run Timely Marketing Campaigns
Turn marketing campaigns on and off when you want, not when Apple or Google approves the latest build. Use Feature Flags in conjunction with Instant Update to easy run promotions.
Feature Flags for Marketing Campaigns
Eliminate Crashes with Feature Flags
Stress Free Releases
Never deal with launch fire drills again by releasing with Feature Flags. Easily send a new feature to a subset of users, gather critical data, and rollback as you wish without waiting for more App Store approvals.
Give Exclusive Access
Release a new version only to beta users, reporters, loyal customers, or thought leaders. Get early feedback, and build up hype for a new product launch by giving early or exclusive access to a small group of users.
Feature Flags Beta Testing
Easily Integration iOS Android Feature Flags
Easy 5 Minute Installation
Apptimize's drag and drop SDK takes just minutes to install. Just one line of code, and supports: Objective-C, Swift, Java, HTML5, Xamarin, React Native.