Feature Flags

Zero-risk Feature Release

Control feature releases, run marketing campaigns, and target user experiences. The only solution on the market for both iOS & Android.

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Staged And Targeted Roll-outs

Target a region, audience segment, or a percentage of your user base with new features.

Zero-risk Release

Find critical bugs, work through UX problems, and determine the viability of feature before 100% roll-out. Roll out and roll back with 1-click.

Exclusive Access

Build loyalty, increase curiosity for upcoming feature releases, get early feedback. Release a new version only to beta users, reporters, loyal customers, or thought leaders.

Personalize In-App Experiences

Boost engagement and conversion by personalizing your apps’ user flow and UI. For example, e-commerce apps use feature flags to display customized layouts for individual users, prioritizing relevant categories depending on the user’s gender and age.

Iterate Smarter, Faster And More Often

Reduce the time between releases. Roll out new features gradually, and iterate swiftly based on real user feedback. Staged rollouts and continuous iteration will minimize risk and release time, culminating in a market tested feature which bears your users’ stamp of approval.

Manage Subscriptions And Tiered Plans

Apps with paid features, subscriptions, or tiered plans use feature flags to manage feature accessibility. You can easily add new features available only to certain tiers, as well as modify the features accessible in each tier.

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