Events & Funnels

Events are any user activity within an app that is tracked through Apptimize or your analytics provider, and automatically import into the Apptimize dashboard.

A Goal is an experiment-specific metric, and is composed of either a single event or a series of events combined into a funnel. Goals are unique to each experiment, but events and funnels are created on the app level, and can be used as Goals across multiple experiments. See Details & Goals for more information on selecting goals for a specific experiment.

If you aren’t using a third party analytics provider to track your events, you can create and track events through Apptimize.

This guide details how to:

Apptimize Events: Visual

Visual events can be created by pairing your app with the Events dashboard, and selecting visual elements on your app’s page to track. Visual elements can either track button clicks or page views. To create a Visual Event, simply name the event and select the element through the visual apptimizer. Once the event has been created, it will automatically be added to the Events list.

screenshot showing how to define a new apptimize visual event

Apptimize Events: Programmatic

Programmatic Events can be instrumented by integrating a code snippet into your app’s codebase. We can track anything you want including actions with values. Examples of events you could track include purchases being made, login events, and Facebook shares. If there is a numeric value associated with this event that you’d like to track and view at, provide it as the input parameter value. For example, if the event is a purchase, the value might be the price. To create a Programmatic Event, simply name the event in the Apptimize dashboard and we will generate a short code snippet for you to embed into your app:

[Apptimize.track:@"event name"]
[Apptimize.track:@"event name" value:<double value>]

Analytics Auto-Import

If your app currently uses Amplitude, Flurry, Google Analytics, Localytics, Mixpanel or Omniture, congratulations; all of your analytics events will automatically show up in your Apptimize dashboard. If you use another analytics provider that we don’t support right now, please contact us.

To import your analytics events, simply launch your first experiment. As soon as your users interact with the app we will automatically detect all of your analytics events import them. You can also see your list of events and use them to create funnels under the “Manage” tab. You can also view these imported events on your Result and Goals pages – just click “Create Goal” and you’ll see a dropdown option for each of your analytics providers.

modal for adding a funnel, apptimize event and 3rd party event as a goal

Note: Imported events will appear in your list prefixed by where they came from. For example, Google Analytic events begin with “ga” and Mixpanel events begin with “mp”. Imported events will display similar to Apptimize events showing participants, conversions and hit count.


To measure Goals with multiple events, you can create a Funnel. Funnels track a series of events that users can take, such as completing an onboarding flow, or completing a checkout flow. To create a Funnel, select “Create a new Funnel” under the Manage tab, and drag and drop your existing Events on the left into the Funnel Events on the right. Once the Funnel events have been added, you can drag and rearrange the order of the events as necessary.

Example of defining a funnel by selecting 3 events to compose the funnel

Goal bundles

Do you have a list of general product metrics to track for every experiment? Do you want to effortlessly add a similar list of goals to every onboarding experiment? If so, Goal Bundles is the perfect tool for you. Bundles are lists of goals that you can add to any experiment with one click. To create a bundle, select “Bundle Events” in the Manage → Goals tab. Similar to Funnels, you can drag and drop the desired goals into the bundle. Bundles can contain events and funnels at the same time, but not other bundles.

Bundles - manage goals

Once you create a Goal Bundle, it will appear in the top section of the Add Goal modal. You can add the entire bundle of goals clicking “Add all”, or any of the individual goals inside the bundle clicking “Add”. After you’ve added a bundle of goals to your experiment, you can edit or delete the bundle without affecting results calculation or your results dashboard.

Bundles - add bundles

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