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What Banks Can Learn About Mobile From Fintech

The recent investment surge in fintech firms — $17.4B globally in 2016 — is a strong indicator that banks need to start looking at these upstarts not just as competitors, but also as a source of inspiration. The desire to make financial transactions and education easier for individuals and SMBs is one of the key […]

by Casey Corman
Key Takeaways From Mobilize 2017

In October, Apptimize hosted the second annual Mobilize conference, where over 250 product leaders joined us for a day of presentations, workshops, panels, and networking. Here are some takeaways from presentations throughout the day: Products that Count: SC Moatti, founder of Products that Count, kicked the day off with a presentation about building and growing […]

by Neha Mittal
Reducing Call Center Costs with a Mobile App?

Executives face an ongoing challenge of creating amazing customer experiences while also keeping costs at bay. This tug of war between satisfying customers and reducing costs takes center stage in stores, branches, and call centers. In particular, organizations have typically focused call center strategies on better training, scheduling, outsourcing, routing, voice recognition, and enhanced automation. […]

by Neha Mittal
How to Create Habit-Forming Mobile Apps

How do you ensure that your app is captivating and retaining users? Habits. In comes the ‘Hooked Model.’ The ‘Hooked Model,’ developed by Nir Eyal, is a four-step process built on basic principles of behavioral psychology that can be used to build habit-forming apps. To promote user retention, take users through Eyal’s Hooked Model repeatedly […]

by Neha Mittal
Mobilize 2017 Draws 250 Mobile Innovators to San Francisco

On October 16th, 250 mobile leaders from over 125 companies across industries and continents attended Mobilize 2017 at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. The conference, organized by Apptimize, focused on how teams can unlock their genius and build better products through experimentation and data-informed decisions. The day was filled with actionable and inspiring […]

by Neha Mittal
Strava on Optimizing for Iteration Speed

On October 16, 250 mobile product leaders from around the world gathered at Mobilize 2017 to discuss data and experimentation. A theme that continuously emerged throughout the day was the importance of experimentation and the impacts that it has on business teams, metrics, and testing culture. Strava is a social network for athletes with a […]

by Neha Mittal
Leverage User Onboarding to Create Personalized In-App Experiences

An endless content repository is a double-edged sword. If users can’t find what they are looking for or discover content they are interested in, they are almost guaranteed to abandon your app. Many apps aim to improve user retention by helping users continuously discover relevant content, aided by their self-reported preferences. The foundation of this type of […]

by Varun Rathi
Results Beyond Conversion™: Driving More Value with Mobile Apps

We’re excited to announce a major enhancement to our mobile app AB testing capability: Results Beyond Conversion™. As the importance of mobile continues to explode for organizations across industries, this new functionality will ensure leaders can directly evaluate mobile strategies on the bottom line. With this new development, mobile teams can now take their test analysis […]

by Apptimize
Apptimize Presents Mainstage Session with Flipagram at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat 2017 about the Future of Mobile Development

Apptimize CEO, Nancy Hua, and Flipagam Chief Product Officer, Hans Ku, presented on the mainstage at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat conference on Tuesday, July 11. The talk focused on how to move past the slow mobile development cycle to innovate faster and create apps that users love. Nancy discussed what differentiates average apps from the most successful, […]

by Apptimize
Why Mobile Growth Is Actually About Retention: How Optimizing In-App Experience Leads To 2x Faster Growth

Originally published in Martech Series by Apptimize. Trying to grow your active user base is a lot like trying to fill up a leaky bucket. The bigger the hole, the faster you have to add more water and the more time and resources you have to spend doing so. And boy are apps leaky. 80% of all app users […]

by Apptimize
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