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In this on-demand webinar, we dig into the technology Facebook is using and how you can gain the same web-like levels of control over your mobile app on both iOS and Android.
Learn the onboarding strategies that drive users towards their AHA! moment and long-term retention. Get this 12 page guide to increase user engagement.
Learn the 7 steps to understand and unlock mobile growth – hypothesize, test and deploy UX improvements to improve onboarding & drive conversion.

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Now that you’ve made the right decision that experimentation is a priority for your business, you need to choose a framework that will enable you to rapidly run experiments and accurately analyze them.
Nir Eyal's 'Hooked Model' is a four-step process that can be used to build habit-forming apps.
This user onboarding guide breaks down the onboarding flows of some of the most popular media and entertainment apps.
Learn four strategies Fintech players are using to drive mobile adoption and create amazing user experiences.
Learn how some of the most popular travel apps set up first-time users to be successful with their app.
See how 6 leading apps used A/B Tests to improve and grow.
Understanding retention is the key to growing your app. Learn how to flatten your retention curve with this guide.
This guide dispels misconceptions through insights from thought leaders, and examples from top mobile apps like Slack and AirBnB.
Learn how to calculate the lifetime value of your customers, and what that means for your business’ bottom line.
See how top apps use Feature Flags to move fast, test and iterate on their apps--ninja style!
Learn how the top apps deal with the constantly changing mobile market by iterating and optimizing their apps.
Learn 16 powerful onboarding techniques pioneered by top apps & how to pull users in and keep them coming back.
In this mobile strategy white paper, learn the major blockers for mobile success and how top apps have overcome them.
Discover the twelve actionable techniques you can use in your app to increase user motivation and engagement.
Learn the onboarding strategies that drive users towards their AHA! moment and long-term retention.
Top apps like Slack, Facebook and LinkedIn know what it takes to convert and retain users by Finding their AHA! Moment.
Learn how marketers can take more ownership of the app experience with techniques to improve the in-app experience.
See some of the most successful examples of powerful mobile campaigns and learn why they’re so great.

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