Instant Updates

Ever deploy an iOS app only to find a bug that crashes your app in a completely unexpected scenario? Or your app is working perfectly fine, but someone somewhere updates an API and suddenly an entire section of your app doesn’t work? Ordinarily, you’d have to fix the bug programmatically, submit a new version of your app to the iTunes store, and wait a week for the update while your users are dealing with a faulty app. Now, you can reduce bug liabilities by shipping your iOS app with Apptimize installed.

In order to take advantage of the Instant Update feature (formerly Hotfix), all you need to do is ship the next version of your app with the Apptimize SDK installed. Say the next day, you realize that a feature in your app crashes for a non-trivial subset of users. For example, imagine that you’ve just shipped a new camera based feature and a user has emailed to let you know that they are seeing it repeatedly crash on devices that have the camera disabled by parental restrictions. You can simply go into the Apptimize dashboard and click on “Instant Updates.”


Name the Instant Update and create it. Click on the camera icon and hide it.

_images/Hotfix3.png _images/Hotfix4.png

Now it’s that simple to hide the problem while you work to fix it in your next release.

Alternatively, we’ve also had customers have problems with API updates where a feature that was a working suddenly stops. Let’s say Facebook makes a change to their API and suddenly people can’t log into your app. With Apptimize Instant Updates, you can simply hide the Facebook button until you can either push a new version of your app or until Facebook fixes something on their end.

_images/Hotfix5.png _images/Hotfix6.png _images/Hotfix8.png

Note: when an Instant Update is deployed, that Instant Update will show up as an original value for all subsequent experiments. It will not count toward your users allocated because it is not an A/B test.