Apptimize supports three types of projects that can be used to optimize and manage the end-user experience in your application: A/B Experiments, Feature Flags, and Instant Updates.


A/B Experiments

The Apptimize platform empowers you to run A/B Experiments across your technical stack. Experiments can be used to quantify the impact of any change before rolling it out live to your entire user-base. An Experiment consists of a default control experience and one or more variants to be tested. For each variant, Apptimize enables you to measure the impact on important metrics like conversion events, engagement, retention, and revenue.

Feature Flags

Feature Flags allow you to put any section of your code behind a flag which can be enabled or disabled at the push of a button on the Apptimize Dashboard. Feature Flags also give you the flexibility to target a specific group of users to receive specific feature and to slowly roll out a new feature. In addition, if something unexpected goes wrong with a new feature, you can turn it off for all users with the flip of a switch.

Instant Updates

Instant Updates allow you to make real-time visual changes to your native mobile apps without going through the app stores. This means that if your users are seeing unexpected issues, you can immediately (without pushing any code) disable access to the problematic part of your app while you work on a more permanent fix. Instant Updates work even if you haven’t defined a Feature Flag upfront.