To get started, install the Apptimize SDK. Feature Flags requires version 2.10.0 or greater on Android, and version 2.16.0 or greater on iOS. All versions of other SDKs support Feature Flags.

As an optional step for client-side SDKs, you can choose to add the Pilot Targeting API, which allows you to specify Pilot Users in the dashboard. Please note that the Pilot Targeting feature is currently only available for client-side SDKs (Android, iOS, JavaScript, and React Native). Pilot users are specific users that are granted early or guaranteed access to a feature (internal, beta users, press, etc). In order to enable this feature, you must set the “PilotTargetingID” via our API. This is typically the userID you use internally. We recommend setting the Pilot Targeting ID immediately after calling Apptimize setup() or as soon as the ID is known by the device.

Android (Java)