Results Beyond Conversion™: Driving More Value with Mobile Apps


We’re excited to announce a major enhancement to our mobile app AB testing capability: Results Beyond Conversion™. As the importance of mobile continues to explode for organizations across industries, this new functionality will ensure leaders can directly evaluate mobile strategies on the bottom line.


With this new development, mobile teams can now take their test analysis one step further and analyze more than just how tests affect conversion rates of individual actions and funnels. Apptimize can now reveal how tested actions affect basket size (how much money was spent), value per customer (how much incremental value over time did a test generate), and occurrences per user (how many times did users take a given action).

Nancy Hua, our CEO, commented, “Mobile is no longer just a small ancillary revenue stream or support resource for many organizations. Executives increasingly want to know how improvements to their apps affect the bottom line. Our team continues to develop capabilities to help product teams innovate and learn what works faster. As more organizations view mobile as an important revenue source, this functionality will enable them to measure what really matters to their business: dollars.”

Examples of how organizations can use Results Beyond Conversion™ include:

  • Understanding how a simplified checkout process affects the size of users’ baskets
  • Evaluating whether users visit a specific page more often after changing the call to action on the home screen
  • Seeing whether a new onboarding flow leads to more valuable users over time

To learn more about this and other product developments, join us at Mobilize by Apptimize 2017 on October 16th in San Francisco.

About Apptimize

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