Accelerate Data-driven User and Revenue Growth

A/B Testing and Feature Release Management made easy.

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Truly Cross Platform

Apptimize is the only truly cross platform A/B testing and feature management solution on the market that focuses on delivering the best and consistent experience for each user, no matter which channel they are on.

Built For Product Teams

Apptimize has been developed specifically for product teams to accelerate their learning and innovation.

Best at Mobile

Apptimize’s roots are in mobile. We still provide the most robust mobile experimentation and optimization solution available today.

More Than Technology

Our customer success team is committed to enhancing your product strategy with experiment-driven decision-making on all digital touchpoints.

Easy to Use

With easy-to-deploy SDKs, powerful integrations, a centralized dashboard for all channels, and an intuitive web app, Apptimize removes the pain from A/B testing and feature management.

Critical to the User Journey

Apptimize integrates seamlessly into your digital stack and automatically integrates with major data, analytics, and CRM providers.

Drive Transformational Growth Across ALL Channels

A/B test and refine everything from mobile onboarding flows to web conversion funnels. Track a single user across their entire journey, and the impact of any change across all channels–mobile, web, mobile web, OTT, and even in the store.

Have Full Control of Digital Product Release

From launching a new app to adding a new section to an existing website, Feature Flags allow you to fully control every feature release to mitigate risk and launch with confidence.

Launch New Versions Instantly

From the order of screens in a user onboarding flow to the number of items to display on a search results page, Apptimize allows users to go live with a change to your mobile app or website within minutes. No need to release another version of your app. No waiting for App Store or Play Store approval.

Reduce Dependence on Developers

Often the simplest tests can be the most impactful. Apptimize enables all teams of your organizations. Non-technical users can launch experiments involving copy, CTAs, images, navigation items, and more in a matter of minutes through the most robust WYSIWYG Visual Editor in the market.