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A/B Testing and Feature Release Management for Product Teams

Cross Platform Optimization

We live in a multi-channel world in which your users interact with you across a number of different places (e.g. native mobile apps, mobile websites, websites, in-store, call centers, etc.). Apptimize enables you to optimize all your customer digital touchpoints while ensuring a consistent user experience across all platforms and tracking the impact of those optimizations everywhere.

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Apptimize’s leading mobile technology makes A/B testing and feature release management on native mobile apps incredibly fast and reliable while minimizing developer resources, keeping your app performance bug free, and even often bypassing the App/Play Store.

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Apptimize allows you to create the best possible experience for each individual user that lands on your website, mobile website, or web app through data-driven A/B tests and personalized promotions/feature releases.

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Apptimize helps you keep viewers engaged by letting you easily personalize content and optimize layouts while increasing ad revenue.

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Why Apptimize?

The only truly cross platform A/B testing and release management solution.

The Glassdoor mobile app increased conversions by 8% through an A/B test.

Optimize for each unique user

Apptimize allows you to track users as they move from one channel to another. This not only helps provide a consistent experience across platforms, but also lets you track the impact of any single A/B test to actual revenue earned anywhere.

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Companies who regularly A/B test their mobile apps grow twice as fast as mobile apps that don't test as frequently.

Engaged Customers Grow 2x Faster

More testing leads to more growth. Apptimize is designed to help the whole product team test more efficiently.

The results? Customers who run more than eight experiments per year with Apptimize grow over two times faster than the industry average.

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Apptimize is the mobile A/B testing solution that really works

The Best Technology

With nine patents issued and pending, and over 50 person-years of development, companies come to Apptimize for a true cross platform testing and release management solution that really works.

Plus, it fits in seamlessly with the technology stack. Apptimize automatically pulls in events from most major push and analytics providers so digital teams can get going even faster.

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