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Truly cross-platform optimization

Easily optimize each unique user's customer journey across all channels including web, mobile, mobile web, OTT, and in-store.

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Experiment Anywhere. Track Everywhere.

Apptimize is the only truly cross-platform A/B testing solution that allows you to test a change on any platform and track the impact of that change across all channels, even actual revenue recorded by your servers.

Consistent Customer Experiences

Ensure that each customer sees the same messaging, pricing, promotions, and features as they move from one channel to another.

Cross-Platform Release Management

Have complete control of feature releases, regardless of which platform you are releasing to. With feature flags, your product team can manage and ramp up mobile, server-side, OTT, and web changes. It enables your teams to mitigate risk and launch new functionality with confidence.

Personalized User Experiences

Target a feature or customized UX to a certain segment of users. For example, e-commerce sites and apps can display customized promotions based on a user’s previous buying behavior and make sure that the promotion is consistent across web and mobile.

One Team, One Solution

Set-up and manage experiments in a single dashboard, maximizing the benefits of a coordinated team effort.