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How Delivery Hero Increased Order Conversions By 4.5%

The App Delivery Hero is the leading global online food ordering and delivery marketplace present in 40 countries around 5 continents. When compared with competitors, Delivery Hero has the number one market position in regards to restaurants, active users, gross merchandise value or website traffic. The Problem One of the main KPI’s of the company […]

by Neha Mittal
Why the Growth of Mobile Apps Makes In-App Experience Even More Important

The astonishing growth in smartphone adoption in the past few years has been matched only by the equally impressive growth in mobile apps. As of January 2017, the iOS App Store contained more than 2.2 million apps for Apple mobile devices. In the same time period, the Google Play Store saw a 5 -7 percent […]

by Neha Mittal
What You Need to Know When Deciding to Build or Buy Your Experimentation Software

You’ve already come to the conclusion that experimentation is the best way to create the optimal user experience. You know that a better user experience can improve engagement, retention and revenue, and thus helps you grow your product and organizational KPIs faster. Experimentation testing gives you cold, hard data to answer any kind of question […]

by Neha Mittal
3 Ways the Top Health & Fitness Apps Have Great User Retention

Product leaders are increasingly realizing that simply acquiring users isn’t enough for their mobile apps. In order to form lasting connections, you need to focus on user retention: demonstrating the value of your product as a means to earn loyal users who will engage on a regular basis. As retention gains importance as a KPI for […]

by Neha Mittal
Q&A with Adam Fingerman, ArcTouch cofounder and CXO

When Apple announced the original App Store in 2008, it immediately sparked a business idea for two former college roommates: There would be money to be made from iPhone apps. Adam Fingerman and Eric N. Shapiro went on to start San Francisco-based ArcTouch — which officially opened its doors in 2009, and has since become […]

by Neha Mittal
Mastering Mobile and App Growth Through Engagement and Retention Strategies

This is a guest post by Arazoo Kadir of Yodel Mobile. Encapsulating a new wave of innovative strategies, Growth Hacking was undoubtedly one of the leading buzzwords of 2017. By merging creative and analytical methods, product leaders and marketers have used Growth Hacking to reference methods that aid the virality of a product/brand and the […]

by Neha Mittal
What the 2017 Holiday Season Taught Us About Competing with Amazon

Black Friday 2017 was the the biggest mobile shopping day in the United States. It was the first day ever to see more than $2 billion in mobile shopping revenue. Demandware’s Rick Kenney says that for the first time, mobile devices (46 percent) beat out computers (45 percent) for the most orders that customers placed […]

by Neha Mittal
Unlock your genius with Apptimize

At their core, every product leader wants to be a genius. Yet even geniuses like Einstein and Edison had many failures before experiencing breakthroughs. The key to true genius is to make failure safe and innovation rapid. We believe that all product teams can be geniuses when the art of their ideas is combined with […]

by Casey Corman
4 Lessons from busuu on Increasing Mobile Subscription Revenue

At this year’s Mobilize Conference in San Francisco, we took an in-depth look at how some of our favorite brands use data, experimentation, and behavioral science to enhance their customers’ digital experiences across their web and mobile platforms. Antoine Sakho is the Head of Product at busuu, a London-based product that builds language learning apps […]

by Chakshu Mehta
How Mobile Ordering Has Changed the Foodservice Landscape

Unlike other industries, such as brick and mortar retail, physical locations will always be critical for restaurants — it’s not just about the food; it’s about the experience. It’s for this reason that most restaurant organizations consider their patrons “guests” instead of “customers.” That experience now extends beyond what happens in the restaurant. Leaders like Starbucks […]

by Neha Mittal
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