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Infographic: UX Tools for Feature Flag Driven Releases

Launching and enhancing features for your mobile app can be a time-consuming challenge fraught with risk. At Apptimize, we are always looking for opportunities to help you iterate faster and create features your users love. In this post we’re proposing a simple, but robust, framework for feature flag driven feature releases aided by UX analysis […]

by Apptimize
3 Simple Features Mobile Retail Apps Use to Increase Retention

Retail sellers have an easy way to incentivize customers to download their mobile apps: offering them unique products, one-time discounts, and special offers not otherwise available to other customers. The real challenge, however, begins with building retention in mobile retail apps.  To keep users engaged beyond that initial “aha” moment, mobile app designers need to create […]

by Apptimize
How HotelTonight Increased Conversions by 15% by Eliminating Mandatory Account Creation

HotelTonight is the leading mobile-only solution for last minute hotel bookings, with over 20 million app downloads across 1,700 markets in 36 countries. THE CHALLENGE Even though HotelTonight is far ahead of its competition in the steps and time needed to book a hotel room, they wanted to streamline their checkout flow further to increase […]

by Varun Rathi
The 3 UX Features Top Mobile Retail Apps Use to Drive Growth (New Feature Ideas Included!)

The 2016 holiday season saw an incredible 44% year over year increase in mobile purchases with US consumers spending over $17b while shopping from their smartphones. The mobile share of e-commerce is experiencing rapid growth, and a fifth of all online sales in the US are completed through handheld devices. Retailers who don’t take advantage of this […]

by Apptimize
How 3 Mobile Shopping Apps Boost Conversions Through These Simple Features [A/B Tests Included]

If you’re in the retail space and haven’t optimized your sales process for mobile conversions yet, now’s the time to take action.  On Black Friday last November, mobile devices generated $1.2 billion of purchases. If that number seems impressive at first glance, it’s even more impressive in context: Mobile purchases amounted to 35.9% of the […]

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3 Key Principles for Building Your App Like An Addictive Game

The creators of mobile games have a secret weapon: employing psychological triggers that keep users glued to their game and boost in-apps profits. And the numbers of their success prove that they’re doing something right. Out of the gaming industry’s total revenue of $91 billion for 2016, about $41 billion came from mobile games, with “free […]

by Apptimize
Boost In-App Profit: 5 Conversion Lessons from the Top Travel Apps

There was a time when the ability to search for flights or hotels online was a pretty big deal. Not only did travel-dedicated search engines save us from trips to the travel agency, they also gave us more control than ever before over travel options and arrangements. Now, however, travel apps are expected to do […]

by Apptimize
Make Your App Sticky: Retention Lessons From 3 Top Travel Apps

According to research done by Google, 88% of travelers with smartphones would switch to another app if the one they’re using doesn’t satisfy their needs. Travel booking isn’t something people do every day, or even every month, which makes retention a tricky proposition for travel apps. To attract a loyal base of users who stick around, […]

by Apptimize
3 Mobile UX Design Principles for Travel Apps

If the internet has put the world at our fingertips, mobile apps—especially mobile travel apps—have put it beneath our thumbs. Only problem is that the entire world can sometimes prove too much for the limited reach and mobility of thumbs, making mobile apps overwhelming and frustrating rather than accommodating and delightful.  The reality is that […]

by Apptimize
3 Optimized Onboarding Flows from Top Travel Apps You Can Test Today

What’s the best way to onboard users to your travel app so that they’ll stick around for a long time? The short answer is it depends.  It depends on your app’s core function, your ideal user’s behavior, and your features’ complexity. Frustrating as this answer may sound at first, it actually holds good news for […]

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