Apptimize Cross-Platform: Mobile-First Experimentation, Enabled Across Digital Channels


As a product manager, you understand the importance of making data-driven decisions. You know first-hand that a seamless and personalized experience for your users can positively impact your KPIs. In fact, an inconsistent user experience can be detrimental:

Cross-Platform: Inconsistent UX

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Apptimize Cross-Platform, an all-in-one tool designed to experiment, optimize, and manage feature releases across all of your digital touchpoints. We have always been the best at mobile, and now we are extending the same functionalities you have been so familiar with across all of your user touchpoints.

Why is this important for your long-term product growth?

The value of real-time user behavior data is undeniable. As industry leaders note, experimentation is the key to gathering these insights:

Experimentation Experts

Today’s online consumer has no patience for a poor digital experience. Unsurprisingly, then, conflicting experiments across digital touchpoints can frustrate users, so they leave your site and opt for their second choice– your competitor. Replicate this scenario among a couple dozen visitors, and you’ve leaked thousands of dollars in current and future revenue.

Long-term success lies in your ability to run experiments and gather data from users while also ensuring that you provide them with a consistent experience as they navigate your cross-platform presence.

A user centric experimentation program is a competitive advantage that can help you maximize your conversion rate and ROI.

We understand your goals, which is why we expanded to bring the quality and expertise that you’ve come to expect from Apptimize to every platform that your users are on. You now have access to Apptimize Cross-Platform, the only true Cross-Platform solution on the market.

  • True Cross-Platform User Tracking: Apptimize Cross-Platform tracks unique customers across properties from mobile, web, and even in-store, a game changer in many industries. This allows you to follow users through the entire product journey, magnify your learnings, and definitively track the impact that a specific experiment on one platform has on any other platform and your bottom line. We are able to do this because unlike competitors, our mobile, web, OTT, and server side platforms are all integrated.
  • Ensure A Consistent Experience: 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with a site are less likely to purchase again (Kissmetrics). Along with tracking users across platforms, you can ensure that the users themselves will have a consistent experience across your properties. Apptimize is the most seamless solution that enables this consistent user experience, allowing you to roll out multiple experiments on different platforms with confidence. We ensure that users will not get shuffled between multiple variants and see wildly different experiences that might confuse them and negatively impact your KPIs. This concept of exclusive experimentation is the basis of scientific experimentation and something that we keep top-of-mind in our product development.
  • Release Management: Apptimize has always given you full control of mobile feature releases. With Cross-Platform, staged rollouts and instant rollbacks are available on all platforms: mobile, web, OTT and server-side. This way, you can determine the viability of all features before 100% rollout in one click, mitigate risk during feature launches, and provide your users with personalized experiences. Combining release management capabilities with our robust experimentation tools puts you in a unique position to run a rigorous optimization program with one tool, Apptimize.
  • Ease of use: Cross-Platform now gives you the ability to control all of your experiments in one place, making it easier for product teams to implement experiments and centralize user insights.

While other tools promising tests on various channels take months to set up and exhaust IT resources, Apptimize’s centralized targeting, measurement, and test set-up is incredibly easy to get started with, while also providing deeper and non-siloed insights.

Apptimize’s roots are in mobile, which is why we still have the most robust mobile A/B testing and feature release management platform on the market. We’ve helped mobile teams experiment and innovate better to significantly impact their KPIs. We also realize that users don’t exist in just one channel, and thus organizations’ data-driven decision-making should also span all digital channels. With a user-centric design, Apptimize Cross-Platform enables the whole product development team to test what they want, how they want, when they want, across all digital channels.

With the release of Apptimize Cross-Platform, your data continues to be secure and anonymized. We do not share or disclose any information that we receive from the customers that use our product.

We’re excited to show you how Apptimize Cross-Platform can help you improve your KPIs.

Request a demo and we’ll follow up with some customized ideas.

About Apptimize

Apptimize is an innovation engine that provides A/B testing and feature release management for native mobile, web, mobile web, hybrid mobile, OTT, and server. Industry leaders like HotelTonight, The Wall Street Journal, and Glassdoor have created amazing user experiences with Apptimize.

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