Apptimize chosen as a 2019 Top App Analytics Tool by Business of Apps


Apptimize was chosen as a Top App Analytics Tool in 2019 by Business of Apps today, highlighting our commitment to data-driven app optimization. The Business of Apps report calls out that, “…tracking apps and their performance is key to develop your app business,” and continues to say, “On both iOS and Android, there are thousands of data points available to examine to determine what to change, where maintenance is required, and what actually works.” We couldn’t agree more.

Scott Ings, Vice President of Product at Apptimize, affirms, “Analyzing product changes — challenging your ideas — and putting your features, design, and more to the test, is what makes a product great. The age of throwing ideas at a wall and seeing what sticks is over. If your app decisions aren’t data-driven, they’re not going to succeed.”

The report outlines various app analytics tool types and how to use them to maximize ROI, delving into in-app analytics KPIs, A/B analytics, and more. Read the full Business of Apps Top App Analytics Tools of 2019 report to learn more.


About Apptimize

Apptimize is an innovation engine that provides A/B testing and feature release management for native mobile, web, mobile web, hybrid mobile, OTT, and server. Industry leaders like HotelTonight, The Wall Street Journal, and Glassdoor have created amazing user experiences with Apptimize.

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