Why adding A/B testing to your tech stack is the right move right now

Elizabeth Katzki

You know A/B testing will help grow and improve your apps but you’re not sure you have the resources to do it right and to do it right now. It’s tough to get proven results without having to jump through a million technical hurdles.

A/B testing apps and digital experiences isn’t historically easy, fast, or reliable. Hurdles typically include Google Play and App Store approval wait times, engineering resource strain, user targeting, and insight into app user analytics. At first glance, these seem like disparate challenges, but they have one solution: adding an A/B testing solution to your tech stack.

Apptimize solves for all these challenges. Our visual editor allows you to make changes to copy, images, colors, and even layout without any coding. With no need to wait on Google Play or App Store for approval, so you can implement changes instantly. For complex UX ideas or entirely new features, Apptimize allows you to create programmatic experiments without exhaustive coding or engineering planning. Apptimize even connects with third-party technologies to let you tag and measure events, create user segments, and target certain users.

Invest in an A/B testing to innovate faster, deploy your ideas, learn what’s working from your experimental data, and implement your changes across any digital platform: mobile, web, mobile web, OTT, or server.

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