Our mission is to give people the power, control, and data to make better apps, all while maintaining the high performance of the native experience.

What We Do
Apptimize helps native iOS and Android apps rapidly iterate to make amazing users experiences through A/B Testing, Instant Updates, and Feature Flags. With Apptimize, mobiles apps are no longer trapped by poor data or App Store approvals to quickly improve their product.
How We Think
Our users are extremely innovative and intelligent. We let them innovate quickly, easily, and cheaply by removing barriers and risk so they can make better apps for their users. We think experimentation is the key to discovering the truth. At Apptimize, we constantly question our beliefs and love getting feedback! Please email as at contact@apptimize.com with your thoughts.
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Meet Our Team
Nancy Hua
CEO and Co-founder
Nancy led the GETCO (now KCG Holdings) FI Quantitative Strategies team in New York and Chicago. She is a world-class expert in algorithmic trading and electronic exchanges. While studying Math with CS at MIT, Nancy was the MIT Varsity Fencing team captain, built lasers in the Harvard/MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms, and was a developer in Israel. Aside from her blog, she loves to write on Quora and Amazon. In 2015, Nancy’s leadership at Apptimize earned her a spot in the Forbes “30 Under 30”.
Jason Chen
Jason previously worked at Google on search quality and map/local search. He studied computer science and mathematics at MIT, where he was on the executive board of the Association of Taiwanese Students. A four time USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) qualifier, he has won many awards in math, science, and fencing (NCAA and NYC) competitions. Jason was captain of the Hunter College High School fencing team and was the MIT Varsity Fencing Foil Squad Leader.
Dozens of Teammates We Haven't Had Time to Write Bios For
Everyone on our team is extraordinary at something, and wants to level up more. We ask a lot of questions and we’re very direct. Remarks from candidates include, “This is one of the best teams I’ve met,” “Your team has so many women!” and “I like how open you seem with each other.”

Some members of our team are remote and come into the office every other week or work from home a few days a week. We’re flexible because we trust and depend on you to be independent and strategic. We know that accomplishing something hard is too much work for 1 person, so we rely on each other to get where we need to go. If we sound like the type of team you could get into, please email us at jobs@apptimize.com!
Tom Moss
Charles Cheever
Farzad Nazem and Noosheen Hashemi
Arram Sabeti
Ken Ross
Dana Marotto
Ting Yin Kwah
Waseem Daher
Jeff Arnold
Tim Abbott
Raj Fernando
Beenos Partners
Steven Fan
Starling Ventures
Andrew Valiente
Wayne Pan
DDBK Partners
Albert Sheu
Chung-Man Tam
Albert Sheu
Chung-Man Tam
Greg Brockman
Jared Kopf