Choose the plan that’s right for your specific growth and strategy needs.

Up to 100,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU*)
– Cross-Platform A/B Testing:
– Mobile
– Web
– Server
– Push immediate, no-code changes to your native mobile app with Instant Updates
– Gradually roll out new features on mobile, web, or server with Feature Flags
– Basic level automatic event importing
– Online customer support
* Pricing for Basic Plan available on the subscription page inside Product.
* MAU* = MAU web + MAU server + MAU mobile
Greater than 100,000 MAUs
– All basic options +
– Enterprise level integrations
– Data exports
– Full API access
– Sophisticated targeting by user ID or attribute (language, geography, device, etc)
– Dedicated customer success manager and optimization strategist who are mobile experts and have a background in your industry for integration, implementation, test planning, test results review, and roadmap prioritization
– Enterprise support
– Training and implementation support
– Enterprise team administrative controls
– Phased rollouts of A/B tests (change targeting and allocation in a live test, create holdout groups, delete poorly performing variants)
– Advanced data insights through segmentation and filtering of results
Frequently Asked Questions
What integrations do you offer?
Apptimize offers seamless native integrations to a number of analytics providers, data platforms, and CRMs. These integrations help to minimize implemenation time, elimiate the need for custom tagging, improve data consistency across your stack, and make segmention and targeting incredibly easy and accurate. As we are constantly adding new integrations, see the full, up-to-date list here.
How is it possible to push immediate changes to a native mobile app?
Apptimize’s proprietary visual editor is an industry tool that allows developers and non-developers alike to make immediate changes to an existing mobile app. You can create new versions of your app (e.g. test out a new button color, change copy, swap out images, etc.) without having to code or go through App Store or Play Store approvals.
Are there any limitations to the number of experiments I can run or data I can collect under each plan?
No, you can create unlimited A/B tests and collect as much data as you need on all Apptimize plans.
What languages/platforms does Apptimize support?
Apptimize fully supports native mobile, mobile web, web, and serverside experimentation and release management, including support for platforms like React Native, Xamarin, and Unity.