The Definitive Guide to A/B Testing Digital Products

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A/B testing is the only way to drive sustainable growth for your brand.

You have no idea what your customers want until you actually give them something to try. It’s great to interview your customers and conduct focus groups, but that usually just highlights problems with your product. A/B testing will pressure test your solutions and tell you what customers actually want.

Apptimize’s internal data shows that companies who frequently A/B test are better at retaining customers than those who don’t–so much better that companies who test grow their user base 4.2x faster than companies who don’t.

In this free eBook, “The Definitive Guide to A/B Testing Digital Products,” you’ll learn:

  • A solid framework to approach A/B testing your digital products
  • Best practices and case studies on A/B testing
  • How to drive a sustainable cultural shift in your organization so that data-driven innovation becomes second nature

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