How to personalize mobile app onboarding: make an impression on your users

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About This Mobile Strategy Webinar

With apps losing 77% of their users after just one day, making a great first impression is critical for mobile app success. Without a strong onboarding flow, those users your team has worked so hard to obtain are going to drop off and never return.

So what separates successful apps from the rest of the pack?

In this webinar, Apptimize, Branch Metrics, and Gametime explores personalizing app content and onboarding flows to ensure that users are getting as much value as possible during their first-time user experience.

What We Cover

  • How to activate and engage users through personalized onboarding
  • Pass data through a mobile install
  • Determine the optimal first-time user flow
  • How mobile first leaders like Gametime personalize their flows

The Moderator

Kendrick Wang

Product Marketing, Apptimize

Kendrick is on a mission to show the world that there’s a better way to develop on mobile. He helps product teams build better, data-driven apps that engage and delight their users.