3 Mobile Trends from Google I/O


The keynote presentation at Google I/O is (unsurprisingly) focused on native mobile trends and Android’s increasing integration in all aspects of our lives–the home, the car, our wrists. I’m still sitting in the keynote, but here are the top trends I’m hearing so far.

Google I/O

1. It’s all about native

Even mobile Chrome is focused on enabling users to jump to native from mobile web more easily. With the next Android version (L), swear he queries can deep link directly into apps. The example they used was searching for a restaurant and the result link took the user directly to that restaurant within the OpenTable app. Additionally, recent browser tabs will be integrated with recent apps in one place so that users can jump between activities regardless of which app was used. Native offers a better experience so Chrome is allowing users to tap into that more fluidly.

2. Beauty improves experience

Chrome is focusing on beauty in transitions and the way search results are displayed. They call this material design. Google is also releasing a new Android Extension Pack that would improve graphics with better shading and tesselation.

3. Native mobile will be the hub for connected technology everywhere

Google is introducing Android TV, Android Auto, and Android Wear which will all help to connect native Android apps to other devices in our lives. With these APIs, developers will be able to much more easily create integrated experiences for users with their mobile phone at the center.

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