How Will Amazon Fire Affect Your App’s Users?


Amazon’s unveiling of their new phone has set the tech news world aflame today (yes, bad pun intended). While this is exciting news, app owners must wonder how this phone is going to affect users’ experience in every other retail app. Will existing customers stop shopping in your app because it’s easier to use the Firefly feature to look up the item in the Amazon store? For retail apps, this could be a big worry. The competition for the shopper’s share of mind has just intensified, so making sure that your app stays relevant and engaging is more important than ever.

A/B testing can help you optimize your app, but it doesn’t just stop there. You can’t just stop at knowing which app version creates higher engagement across all your users, but specifically, how do potential disrupters like the Amazon Fire affect your app users. Do Amazon Fire users respond to more promotions and offers? Will you need more engagement tactics like email and push notifications to stay top-of-mind on an Amazon phone? These are device specific questions that can only be answered when you analyze segmented testing data.

Segmentation by Device

With Apptimize, you can see which devices affect the experience in your app. Whether you’re strictly A/B testing or trying to understand user behavior, this feature will help you stay on top in an increasing competitive online market.

About Apptimize

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