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Casey Corman

At their core, every product leader wants to be a genius. Yet even geniuses like Einstein and Edison had many failures before experiencing breakthroughs. The key to unlock your genius is to make failure safe and innovation rapid.

We believe that all product teams can be geniuses when the art of their ideas is combined with the science of data-driven experimentation and development: rapidly trying ideas in the real world and measuring real user behavior. It is the only way to know what would have happened had you not rolled out a new feature, messaging, recommendation, or experience — and thus it is the only way to measure cause-and-effect and accurately predict what will happen. This type of product development enhances existing approaches, such as qualitative customer feedback and user testing, drop-off analysis, and user cohorting.

While the downside of an experiment is capped, the upside can be transformational. Especially when you add small, compounding wins, with a handful of breakthroughs.

Genius is how our customers like HotelTonight, Wall Street Journal, and Trulia feel — and what their results show — when they use the Apptimize platform to drive their product innovation.

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