Join Apptimize at Segment’s Annual Conference in San Francisco


Apptimize is excited to be sponsoring this year’s Synapse, the annual user conference by Segment, on September 20 in San Francisco.

More than 700 product managers, engineers and growth experts will converge on Pier 27 on The Embarcadero to explore how to harness the power of first-party customer data to fuel growth and deliver better experiences.

Over 20 thought leaders from leading companies in the enterprise and start-up space will be sharing some of their best practices around data.

Speakers include:

Andrew Chen, General Partner at Andreeson Horowitz
Nick Bergseng, Software Engineering Manager at Nike
Sene Sorrow, Director of Data & Analytics at WarnerMedia
Casey Winters, Advisor & Interim VP of Consumer Product at Eventbrite
Rahul Pathak, GM, AWS Database and Analytics Services
Bryan Mahoney, CTO at Glossier
Kerry Doyle, Director of BI Audience Insights & Analytics at Meredith
Peter Reinhardt, Segment CEO
Josh Reeves, Gusto CEO
David Marble, Group Product Manager at Intuit
Jaime DeLanghe, Product Lead at Slack
Caroline Wong, VP of Security Strategy at Cobalt
Seth Bindernagel, Senior Director of Growth Marketing at Strava
Peter Ikladious, Director of Growth and User Engagement at IBM
Amelia Salyers, Head of Corporate Marketing at Mixpanel
Guillaume Cabane, VP of Growth at Drift
Sean Cummings, VP of Marketing at Veem
Fredrick Lee, Head of Information Security at Square
Jamie Quint, Director of Product at reddit

In crafting a data-informed and data-driven growth strategy, one of the best methods to accelerate your learnings is building a culture of experimentation. Apptimize will be there to show how Segment users can easily import their data with a single click and leverage our integration with Segment to easily run A/B tests.

Learn more about registration at the Synapse event page. To get 50% discount off your ticket, use our promo code SYNAPSEFRIENDS.

What is Segment?

Segment is a platform that collects, stores and routes your user data to tools like Apptimize and streamlines the tool installation process. Instead of sending user data to each tool separately, you send data to Segment, which translates and route it to over 100 analytics platforms.

How does Apptimize work with Segment?

Our customers can send custom events to Apptimize simply by switching on the Apptimize integration in their Segment account. There’s no need to create additional code. The integration allows a product manager to record a screen, identify a user and track events. This lets them spend less time on integration and more on running experiments.

Where can I learn more about the integration?

You can learn more about the integration in the Segment Documentation. Check out Apptimize documentation for more information on our integration kits.

About Apptimize

Apptimize is an innovation engine that provides A/B testing and feature release management for native mobile, web, mobile web, hybrid mobile, OTT, and server. Industry leaders like HotelTonight, The Wall Street Journal, and Glassdoor have created amazing user experiences with Apptimize.

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