Easier Than Ever with Segment and Apptimize


As if a 5 minute setup wasn’t easy enough…now you can try out the Apptimize SDK with a simple toggle of a switch. Today, we announce our integration with Segment!

Apptimize Segment Switch


Setting Up Segment

Setting up Segment with Apptimize couldn’t be easier. If you’re already using Segment, sign into your Segment account and flip the switch on the Apptimize integration. If you don’t yet have Segment, get started for free here.

Apptimize App Key

Sign in or sign up for an Apptimize account if you haven’t already. Add your Apptimize app key (found under Settings -> Apps -> App Key) into your Segment account.


Easily Leverage 3rd Party Event Tracking

Using one-click integration, customers can also share their data with over 100 analytics platforms to get a better overall picture of what’s going on in their app. There’s no need to create additional code to send custom events to Apptimize. If you’re tracking similar data with other services, you can just send it to Segment once, and it’ll show up in Apptimize with the flip of a switch.

You can learn more about the integration in the Segment Documentation.

About Apptimize

Apptimize is an innovation engine that provides A/B testing and feature release management for native mobile, web, mobile web, hybrid mobile, OTT, and server. Industry leaders like HotelTonight, The Wall Street Journal, and Glassdoor have created amazing user experiences with Apptimize.

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