Accelerate data-driven mobile growth with best in class mobile A/B testing and release management

Accelerate Data-driven Mobile Growth

Mobile A/B Testing and Release Management made easy.

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Apptimize is the most robust mobile A/B testing and feature management platform.

Best at Mobile

Focused on mobile since day one, Apptimize is the most robust mobile A/B testing and feature management platform on the market.

All members of the mobile product team can use Apptimize to drive mobile growth.

Built For Product Teams

Apptimize has been developed specifically for mobile product teams to accelerate their learning and innovation.

Mobile apps that launch AB experiments with Apptimize grow twice as fast as apps that don't.

Proven Results

Companies that experiment with Apptimize on a regular basis grow at 2x the rate of companies that don’t test as frequently.

Enhance your mobile strategy with our customer success team.

More Than a Platform

Our customer success team is committed to enhancing your mobile strategy with experiment-driven decision-making.

Apptimize is the most powerful, yet easy-to-use and intuitive, mobile A/B testing solution in the market.

Easy to Use

With an easy-to-deploy SDK, powerful integrations, and an intuitive web app, Apptimize removes the pain from A/B testing and feature management.

Apptimize integrates seamless with major mobile data, analytics, and CRM providers.

Critical to the Mobile Stack

Apptimize integrates seamlessly into your mobile stack and automatically integrates with major data, analytics, and CRM providers.

Drive Transformational Growth

Test and refine everything from the user onboarding flow to in-app conversion funnels. Incremental UX improvements boost user retention, engagement, and monetization. These wins compound over time and drive transformational growth for organizations.

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WYSIWYG Visual Editor for native iOS and Android apps.

Know What Works Before Full Release

Some ideas work; some don’t. From launching a new app to adding a new feature to an existing app, testing is the only way to confidently know the true outcome on KPIs.

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Maximize conversions on your mobile app through mobile A/B Testing.

Launch Tests Instantly

From the order of screens in a user onboarding flow to the number of items to display on a search results page, Apptimize allows users to go live with complex A/B experiments within minutes. No need to release another version of your app. No waiting for App Store or Play Store approval.

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Launch targeted, complex mobile A/B experiments within minutes.

Reduce Dependence on Developers

Often the simplest tests can be the most impactful. Non-technical users can launch experiments involving copy, CTAs, images, navigation items, and more in a matter of minutes through the most robust WYSIWYG Visual Editor in the market.

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Apptimize's WYSIWYG Visual Editor takes codeless AB Testing to a whole new level

Full Control of All Features

Use Feature Flags to control feature visibility and targeting for all features across multiple apps – iOS, Android, OTT – through user-friendly dashboards.

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Use mobile feature flags to control feature visibility and targeting for iOS and Android apps.

Personalize User Experience

Target a feature or customized UX to a certain segment of users. For example, e-commerce apps can display customized layouts based on a user’s gender.

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Personalize UX for a targeted segment of users.

Instant Updates

Make instant, real-time updates to your app without waiting for App Store/Play Store approval or without releasing a new version of your app. Non technical users can easily update copy, announce promotions, fix typos, and hide bugs.

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Real-time updates to your app without waiting for App Store/Play Store approval.

Validate New Features and Iterate Faster

Determine the viability of a feature before 100% roll-out by rolling out in stages. Roll-Out & Roll-Back in 1 click.

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Use Feature Flags to roll out new features in stages.