Instant Updates

Make Realtime Changes

Enable your team to make real-time updates to your native app without App/Play Store approvals.

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Deploy Instantly

Target a region, audience segment, or a percentage of your user base with new updates.

Run campaigns and hotfixes on the fly

Update critical copy and go live. Announce product promotions and seasonal events whenever you wish.

Zero Down Time

Build loyalty, increase curiosity for upcoming feature releases, get early feedback. Release a new version only to beta users, reporters, loyal customers, or thought leaders.

Deploy Critical In- App Announcements

Apps can use Instant Updates to deploy time sensitive in-app announcements, bypassing the need for development resources, app store approvals, and for users to update their apps.

Update Marketing Promotions

You can use Instant Updates to update in-app promotional banners, images, and copy through a WYSIWYG editor built especially for non-technical users.

Fix Typos And Hide Bugs

Errors are inevitable, no matter how rigorously you QA. With Instant Updates, apps can make immediate changes to ensure an excellent end-user experience.

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