Instant Update

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Make instant updates to your app without App/Play Store approvals and enable your team.

Deploy Instantly
Launch changes to your native iOS or Android app instantly. No waiting for the App or Play Store. No waiting for users to update. No waiting for engineering sprints.
Run Timely Campaigns
Holiday sale coming up? Announcing a new product promotion? Take full control of your campaign without coding and launch it at the exact time you choose (not the time Apple chooses).
Hotfix Errors
Apptimize is your safety net in case of any unforeseen issues during an app release. See how HotelTonight used Instant Update to help them launch their Apple Watch app quickly and then hotfixed an error for a rapid release here.
The Most Powerful Editor on the Market
Only Apptimize lets you change color, copy, position PLUS images, navigation items, list views, and advanced layout.
No Coding Needed
Anyone can now make UI elements because it's so easy with Apptimize. Free up developers and agencies to spend time on advanced problems and features.
Easy 5 Minute Installation
"Their SDK installed in minutes and the've helped Vevo create a brilliant strategy that aligns with our KPIs."
-- Jon Li, Senior Director of Product Management, Vevo