Case Study – Clever Lotto


The App

Clever Lotto is a German app that allows users to manage their lottery entries easily. Through the app, users can enter multiple lotteries and track the winning numbers without having to travel to a physical store. If users do purchase physical tickets, the camera functions helps users easily convert those tickets to digital form within the app. Clever Lotto is the leading lottery app in Germany.

The Problem

Clever Lotto has a portion of the user base that are regular lottery entrants. After a specific lottery drawing is over, the app enables users to play the game again in the next drawing with a simple click of a button. The product team wanted to test adjustments to that button to find ways to increase the rate at which users entered a subsequent drawing.

The baseline variant is shown below with a green “Jetzt online spielen” (“Play online now”) as the call to action.


The A/B Test

Clever Lotto’s growth lead Andreas Fuchs decided to create a multivariate A/B test to determine the best color and copy for this call to action using the Visual Apptimizer. The following variants took him only five minutes to create, required zero developer resources, and was deployed to users immediately because Visual Apptimizer tests don’t need new app store approvals.


The Results

The team predicted that the red fonts would work better since red tends to feel more urgent. However, the results showed that both variants with the copy “NOCHMAL SPIELEN!” (“PLAY AGAIN!”) outperformed “Jetzt nochmal spielen” (“Play again now”). Within each copy set, the green outperformed the red.

When we break down the multivariate test to separate the impact of color and copy, we find that the green has an 72.40% chance of causing an 5.95% lift over red while “NOCHMAL SPIELEN!” is has an 99.85% chance of causing an 25.38% lift over “Jetzt nochmal spielen.” This means that color did not have a statistically significant impact while the copy change did.

When combined, the green “NOCHMAL SPIELEN!” lead to 42.31% more clicks on that call to action than a red “Jetzt nochmal spielen”. Compared to the baseline (green “Jetzt online spielen” or “Play online now”), the green “NOCHMAL SPIELEN!” improved clicks by 35.39%. The Clever Lotto growth team believes that the all caps, exclamation, and shorter text of “NOCHMAL SPIELEN!” added urgency and boldness to the call to action.

Because Clever Lotto monetizes based on number of lottery tickets played, this small copy change is expected to improve the total number of lotteries played in a year by 28%.

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