Infographic: UX Tools for Feature Flag Driven Releases


Launching and enhancing features for your mobile app can be a time-consuming challenge fraught with risk. At Apptimize, we are always looking for opportunities to help you iterate faster and create features your users love.

In this post we’re proposing a simple, but robust, framework for feature flag driven feature releases aided by UX analysis tools like Appsee’s User Recordings:

1) Launch with a small, targeted audience

Instead of releasing a new feature to your entire userbase, start by launching it to a small, targeted segment. Feature flags allow you to target a set percentage of randomly selected users. You can refine that targeting further through pre-built or custom attributes.

In addition to helping build excitement around the new feature, starting small mitigates the risk associated with releasing a feature to your entire userbase. In case things don’t go as planned, feature flags also enable you to roll back or “turn off” the feature instantly.

2) Collect user feedback

Once the feature is live for the target, you can collect real user feedback and data. This step is where tools like Appsee’s User Recordings come in. User Recording, as the name indicates, allows you to see every tap, swipe, and action of every screen in your mobile app. You can use this data to gain concrete insight into the new feature’s impact on your app’s user experience.

3) Iterate and repeat

Collecting real user data, and distilling that into actionable insights will help you iterate on the feature. Once you address the issues you uncovered in step 2, you can increase the audience size, and repeat this process till you are ready to release to your entire userbase.

Check out the infographic below to learn how Appsee’s User Recordings and Apptimize’s Feature Flags work together to help you launch risk-free, end-user approved features for your mobile app:

feature experiment

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