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There has been some news in the media about Grindr and how they share user data with Apptimize. First and foremost, we want to clarify that Apptimize anonymizes all data that our customers pass on and does not share or disclose any information that we receive from the mobile apps that use our product. Our customers have total control over what data they share with us and we work to ensure that no personally identifiable information (PII) about end users is accessible to us. Apptimize operates and provides a paid technology product that allows customers to optimize their digital products. We do not profit by selling user data or leveraging user data to sell ads. Data security has always been the core of our business.

Why is this data even useful?

Mobile apps share information with us because user data is a critical part of user understanding. When you know what your users want to do rather than what you think they might do, you can create a better customer experience.

Here are some examples of how our customers have leveraged data with Apptimize:

UX improvements: Through experimentation, our customers uncover key insights into user preferences and behaviors. For example, banking apps have tested various flows for depositing checks to understand how to make the task as easy and intuitive as possible. If 80% of your users start a task but don’t finish it, you know something is wrong. By passing anonymized user data to Apptimize, product managers can effortlessly create many iterations of the flow and see which one is actually most effective. Experiment results enable teams to release features that are tested and approved by their audience.

Personalization: From consuming content to consuming food, many of our customers leverage anonymized data to create personalization algorithms. For example, some of the top media apps strive to provide you with the stories or videos that you are more likely to be interested in based on your preferences. Similarly, food delivery apps minimize the time between you and your meal by showcasing the foods that you have ordered in the past or are similar to your past orders. These experiments not only provide a personalized user experience, but they have meaningful impacts on KPIs such as retention and conversion.

Increase Revenue: And of course, most apps are in the business to make a profit. Data allows apps to better understand what helps users complete a purchase funnel, enter in a credit card the first time, subscribe to a service, etc. Sometimes something as simple as a slightly larger “buy” button can increase revenue significantly.

So while data sharing can sound sinister (and therefore attract a fair number of clicks), there are many good reasons why a company would choose to pass data to a software vendor with appropriate privacy guards in place. Using secure software platforms to customize and optimize the user experience is a strategy that many of the world’s greatest companies use.

What should mobile apps take away from this news?

Mobile users have come to expect a seamless, tailored user experience. Yet, it’s important to be cautious about how you store user data and who you share it with. There’s a lot of information that 3rd party SDKs collect, and with the right security, this data cannot be accessed by others. Apptimize’s standards on privacy and security are a key reason why the top apps in the world choose to work with us (we were even one of the first companies to comply with the EU’s new GDPR standards well before the mandatory date). We help these apps accelerate digital growth and provide the best experience without sharing or disclosing any customer data.

If you have any questions about how we handle our customer data, please feel free to contact us at

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