Experiment on More Channels than Ever with Apptimize API & Roku Support


With the rise of new channels such as OTT and wearable devices, customers can now connect and be engaged anywhere, making it a real challenge for brands to optimize that engagement experience across channels. How do you know that you are investing and innovating in the areas that will have the greatest impact? Today’s top brands can’t afford to not be testing on a channel.

That is why we are so excited to announce Apptimize’s Experimentation API and native Roku support, making Apptimize the only mobile-first, cross-platform A/B testing product that can truly support any platform.

Connect with Greater Channel Accessibility

With Roku native SDK support, brands can now run Experiments and Feature Flags across all of the major OTT platforms from the centralized Apptimize platform.  Brands can easily test any part of the Roku experience, including content recommendations and advertising content or layout. Adding Roku gives brands immediate access to test on the 41 million devices using Roku today!

In addition, brands can now connect any channel where there is no SDK support into the Apptimize platform through the new Experimentation API to run A/B Experiments and Feature Flags. This means that Apptimize customers will be able to execute experiments and track user events across the long tail of platforms where Apptimize does not yet have native SDK support. With the ever-increasing appearance of new and emerging channels, this update is key in being able to optimize the customer experience no matter where your customers want to engage.

A/B Experiment of different content layouts on Roku

Know the Impact of Your Tests in Real-Time

Even the most experienced testers can find it hard to understand the true impact of their tests.  Experiments can impact a myriad of metrics like increased purchases, increased registered users, feature adoption or completed views of video ads, but brands need to be able to correlate these events with their experiments.

The Apptimize Experimentation API can send these types of events and metrics from any data source to Apptimize and have that event automatically associated with a user who participated in an experiment.  For example, customers running a mobile experiment designed to increase engagement can also measure whether the test had an impact on those users’ purchases or the volume of support requests.

Experiment Results Both from Mobile Events and API Events

Make Your Experimentation Truly Cross-Platform

With Airship and Apptimize, you can work in a culture of experimentation that allows you to test across platforms so that you know with certainty that your customers are receiving the messages they want to receive. To learn more about how Airship and Apptimize work together, check out this blog post.

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