Configure an Experiment

The first step in configuring your experiment is to choose your experiment type.

Visual experiments allow you to make real-time changes to your native mobile app without coding or redeploying. If you want to test UI changes (such as editing text, colors or images) or experiment between app releases, choose this option.

Please note that Visual experiments are only available on mobile (iOS/Android) platforms.

See an example

Code Block experiments are a flexible, code-based way to make any type of change to your app throughout the tech stack. The behavior for each variant is pre-defined in your app’s code. Code blocks require an explicitly named section of code for each variant and each experiment.

See an example

Dynamic Variable experiments enable you to make changes to any variable in your app throughout the tech stack via the Apptimize dashboard after a simple, initial programmatic tagging of variables. Use Dynamic Variables for iterating on variable values between app releases, such as which image or layout to show, or logic settings.

See an example

Start by taking a screenshot of your original variant. This image will also show up on the results page, and will provide visual context with which to analyze results.

Next, click on Add Variant to set up the configuration for each variant. For each experiment type, follow the example above for a detailed walkthrough on this process.

After configuring your experiment, you’ll set user allocation and targets.