The easiest way to make impactful mobile A/B tests

iOS and Android


A/B Testing Has Never Been So Simple

Apptimize is a different breed of SDK

Install and set up A/B tests without any code.

Apptimize fits into your existing infrastructure

Import A/B testing results directly into Mixpanel, Omniture, and Google Analytics without programming or any complex integration.

No roadmaps required

A/B testing doesn't need to be confined to app release cycles. Iterate faster with Apptimize.


'Their SDK installed in minutes and they’ve helped Vevo create a brilliant A/B testing strategy that aligns with our KPIs."

Jon Li, Senior Director of Product Management, Vevo



A/B Test With or Without Programming

Install the SDK, change button colors, swap out images, edit copy, move things around -- all with only a few clicks

Visual Apptimizer in Action
Visual Apptimizer in Action

Create Impactful A/B Tests

Dramatically improve KPIs without programming

Create A/B tests that radically improve your app without waiting for developer resources.

Decide with data, not your gut

Advanced analytics tell you which version is best with statistical certainty.Learn more.

Create experiences tailored to each user

Target specific tests to users based on behavior and any information kept on your servers.


Now we really know what works before releasing it to millions of users! Apptimize has a natural place in our product development iterations.”

--Bjorn Fant, Lifesum

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Apptimize's user support is fantastic! Fast, correct, collaborative.

Makoto Hamanaka, Tab

A Comprehensive Solution

Available for iOS and Android

Set up A/B tests without writing any code.

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A/B test with or without programming

Create programmatic A/B tests when you want to test flows, logic and algorithms.

A/B testing experts on your side

We partner with you - from concept to design, set up to interpretation.

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Apptimize in the News

"At the end of the day, the most important part of Apptimize is the fact that product managers can issue live updates without any programming background."


“Apptimize allows teams to make visual changes to their app without running it through the development team.”

“Mobile A/B Testing Startup Apptimize Raises $2.1M, Launches A Tool For Non-Developers”

“Apptimize makes it possible for mobile developers to do A/B testing on mobile apps that are harder to update on the fly.”

“help developers better test and build mobile apps.”