A/B Test Images Without Programming


Did you know that the Visual Apptimizer not only allows you to change copy and buttons without programming but you can also change images on the fly? This means you can swap out images in your app without having to bake them into your app in advance or needing app store re-approvals. We’ll show you how by walking through an example using Sendhub, a business phone system that provides virtual PBX from anywhere.

Here are the before and after versions of the app:

Baseline (Original)

SendHub Baseline

New Variant

SendHub Baseline

Creating this variant only takes a few clicks. I start on the configuration page of a new test (see our documentation to learn how to start your test) and select Visual Apptimizer as my test type and iPhone/iPod as my device.

SendHub Example1

I create click on “Create Variant” which opens a popup window where I can see a mirror of the app on my device.

SendHub Example2

I hover around until the element I want (the central image) is highlighted. I click the element (image) and see a list of element properties that I can change.

SendHub Example3

Under “Basic Properties,” I see the “Image” sub-property (the location and label of this property will vary depending on how your app is programmed). I click “Choose File” and select the new image that I want to place here.

SendHub Example4

I’ll see the change happen on my device (my iPod) right away. I then close the window and see my iPod change back to the original baseline variant.

In a few minutes I’ve created a test variant with an image change. I can now set my metrics and deploy the test (read the full implementation instructions here). If my users are already on a version of the app with the Apptimize SDK installed, I can push this test out immediately without additional app store approvals.

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