Product Update: Firebase Integration, Cross Platform Apps and Server-Side PHP SDK

Scott Ings

The Apptimize team has been hard at work and we have some exciting recent product updates to share!

Firebase Events and Properties Automatically Imported

We’ve long prioritized third-party integrations that allow our customers to get up and running with A/B testing as quickly as possible, and we’ve recently added Firebase to the list. If you have both the Firebase and Apptimize SDKs installed, you’ll now automatically see events and user properties from Firebase show up in the Apptimize dashboard.

apptimize integrations

Make sure your Apptimize SDKs are updated to 3.1.4+ for iOS and 3.2.5+ for Android in order to use the new Firebase integration.

All New Apps are Now Cross-Platform Apps

Any new apps created from the Apptimize dashboard will no longer be platform-specific. Instead, a new app can represent any of the platforms currently supported, and the same App Key can be used across multiple platforms in order to measure the entire user journey.

cross platform a/b testing

Test Server-Side Changes with PHP and Python SDKs

We’ve officially launched our PHP SDK! The new SDK enables PHP users to run server-side experiments like testing different recommendation algorithms or personalized content. The server-side SDK also lets you segment tests results using user data that may not be readily available on the client device such as historical purchase data.

If you’re a Python user, check out our Python SDK which was released in May.

Test on Web, Mobile Web, and Hybrid Mobile with the JavaScript SDK

With the release our JavaScript SDK earlier this year, we support testing on web, mobile-web, and on hybrid mobile apps.

  • Mobile-web testing can be especially valuable for mobile teams who are trying to improve organic downloads of the native app from the mobile website.
  • Web testing in combination with mobile ensures users see a consistent experience and are tracked through all digital touch points.
  • Hybrid mobile testing means teams who’ve built their apps primarily in HTML and JavaScript can get all the benefits of mobile testing.

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