Month: March 2017
Boost App Sales: 5 Conversion Lessons from the Top Travel Apps

In this article, we discuss how to boost your app sales with 5 conversion lessons from top travel apps. But why travel apps? Travel apps face a unique problem trying to get users to stick. Most people don’t book flights or make hotel reservations each month. This means that successful travel apps have to do […]

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Make Your App Sticky: Retention Lessons From 3 Top Travel Apps

According to research done by Google, 88% of travelers with smartphones would switch to another app if the one they’re using doesn’t satisfy their needs. Travel booking isn’t something people do every day, or even every month, which makes retention a tricky proposition for travel apps. To attract a loyal base of users who stick around, […]

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3 Mobile UX Design Principles for Travel Apps

If the internet has put the world at our fingertips, mobile apps—especially mobile travel apps—have put it beneath our thumbs. Only problem is that the entire world can sometimes prove too much for the limited reach and mobility of thumbs, making mobile apps overwhelming and frustrating rather than accommodating and delightful. The reality is that […]

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