Month: November 2017
How to Create Habit-Forming Mobile Apps

How do you ensure that your app is captivating and retaining users? Habits. In comes the ‘Hooked Model.’ The ‘Hooked Model,’ developed by Nir Eyal, is a four-step process built on basic principles of behavioral psychology that can be used to build habit-forming apps. To promote user retention, take users through Eyal’s Hooked Model repeatedly […]

by Neha Mittal
Strava on Optimizing for Iteration Speed

On October 16, 250 mobile product leaders from around the world gathered at Mobilize 2017 to discuss data and experimentation. A theme that continuously emerged throughout the day was the importance of experimentation and the impacts that it has on business teams, metrics, and testing culture. Strava is a social network for athletes with a […]

by Neha Mittal