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How Khan Academy Uses A/B Testing to Improve Student Learning

Today’s blog post is an interview with Alan Pierce, a software engineer at Khan Academy on the infrastructure team. Alan, a software and data expert, spent the last 6 months completely re-thinking and re-writing Khan Academy’s internal A/B testing tool to increase speed and functionality so that the rest of the team can easily create […]

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5 Things Analytics Won’t Tell You About Your Mobile App

1. Is your conversion rate good? 2. Are your engagement and retention rates good? 3. Are the new features and design changes you make actually improving your top goals? 4. How can you grow your user base? 5. What actually makes people love your app more? Regardless of how great your analytics platform is, there […]

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Webinar: Easy Optimizations Every App Should Make

In our inaugural webinar, AbdulAziz and I walk through the ABC’s of A/B testing: A is for Arrangement B is for Buttons C is for Copy Check out the webinar to see how to leverage these ABC’s in your app. You can also download a PDF of the deck here (9.1MB).

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How to Optimize in a Fragmented Android Ecosystem

While the latest version of iOS is running on a whopping 90% of all Apple mobile devices, recent studies show that only 17.9% of Android devices are running KitKat. Fragmentation on the Android platform is only getting worse. We’re now seeing 12,000 different Android devices (with different screen sizes and screen resolutions) around the world […]

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7 Things to A/B Test in Your Mobile App

We hear from customers that planning out your second, third, and fourth A/B tests is one of the hardest things to. Many app managers have a first test in mind when they start experimenting and planning out a series of tests also gets easier once you’ve completed a few, but it’s hard to figure out […]

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Apptimize Webinars to Help You Plan Your Next A/B Test

Whether you’re just getting started with mobile A/B testing or you’ve been testing since before it was cool, knowing what to test next is sometimes a challenge. That’s why we’ve set up two webinars to give you some ideas based on what has been successful for other apps in the past, industry best practices, and […]

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The First 4 A/B Tests Every App Should Run

Every mobile app should be A/B tested to optimize the in-app user experience. However, getting started can be a little daunting. Here are 4 great tests that every should run. We chose these because they are: easy to set up – should only take you about 5 minutes to set up these tests with Apptimize […]

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3 Mobile Trends from Google I/O

The keynote presentation at Google I/O is (unsurprisingly) focused on native mobile trends and Android’s increasing integration in all aspects of our lives–the home, the car, our wrists. I’m still sitting in the keynote, but here are the top trends I’m hearing so far. 1. It’s all about native Even mobile Chrome is focused on […]

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The 2Ms to Mobile App Success

How do mobile teams develop and manage high performing apps? More importantly, how do they know if their apps are performing well or not? What are the right metrics to track? Once teams do have a stable, high-performing app, what are the steps one must take to continually optimize performance? Below is a short guide […]

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Infographic: 7 Things to A/B Test in a Travel App

Our third infographic in the “7 Things to A/B Test” series! Click on the image below to see the full infographic.

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