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6 UX Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Native Mobile App

It’s hard enough to get to people to download your app. Why spend all that time, money, and resources generating a download only to have the user close and delete the app? Avoiding these 6 pitfalls when designing your native iOS or Android app will help you make an app that users love and keep […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
How We Pulled Off Scaling a Live Demo in a Week

As many of you already know, Apptimize does A/B testing for native mobile apps. Since we launched our Visual Apptimizer (our what-you-see-is-what-you-get visual editor) in January, the most common questions we’ve gotten are “what’s the catch? Does this only work on HTML5 apps? Do I have to build my app around a special framework, tag […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
Android Visual Apptimizer Beta

iOS customers have been using our Visual Apptimizer, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get visual real-time editor, since we launched it in January. Today, we’re announcing the beta of our Android Visual Apptimizer. Now, Android A/B testers can also enjoy: A/B testing without having to go through the app store Making variants without programming Pushing changes out to users […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
How to Hire an Amazing iOS Developer

Meet Dustin Howett. He’s Apptimize’s lead iOS engineer. Dustin is a badass. He’s a prominent figure in the iPhone jailbreak community, where he has contributed to core userland components and sold numerous tweaks. He created some of the main tools used to develop apps for the jailbroken iPhone. This blog post is about our experience […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
Why A/B Testing Too Much Leads to Bad Science

So you want test and experiment with your apps to optimize the user experience, aka do science on your apps. But, as it turns out, that’s actually harder than it looks. Gathering data used to be the hard part, but with the improvement of analytics tools, it’s getting easier and easier. Now, the difficulty lies […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
Hide Bugs Without Waiting for the App Store with Apptimize Hotfixes

Ever deploy an iOS app only to find a bug that crashes your app in a completely unexpected scenario? Or your app is working perfectly fine, but someone somewhere updates an API and suddenly an entire section of your app doesn’t work? Ordinarily, you’d have to fix the bug programmatically, submit a new version of […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
Contradictions in Mobile App Design Research

There is a lot of literature about how to build great apps–what works, what doesn’t. But something I found while researching email marketing subject lines is that a lot of research is contradictory. Mailchimp’s data told me that subject lines with the word “newsletter” generated more opens on average for emails. Adestra’s report said the […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
Let’s Talk About Targeting

For the most part, you can get a leg up on the competition simply by A/B testing your mobile apps. For the ultra-smart and sophisticated, however, you have more specific user populations to worry about. Maybe you want to deploy your tests to only a certain type of user that you think would respond well. […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
How to Evaluate a Mobile A/B Testing Solution

How do you know which mobile A/B testing solution is right for you? Ask for a demo. Signing up for a trial is a great start. Seeing a live demo is even better. With a live demo, you can watch how the solution actually works with your app. You can also learn about features that […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
A/B Test Images Without Programming

Did you know that the Visual Apptimizer not only allows you to change copy and buttons without programming but you can also change images on the fly? This means you can swap out images in your app without having to bake them into your app in advance or needing app store re-approvals. We’ll show you […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
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