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The 2Ms to Mobile App Success

How do mobile teams develop and manage high performing apps? More importantly, how do they know if their apps are performing well or not? What are the right metrics to track? Once teams do have a stable, high-performing app, what are the steps one must take to continually optimize performance? Below is a short guide […]

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Infographic: 7 Things to A/B Test in a Travel App

Our third infographic in the “7 Things to A/B Test” series! Click on the image below to see the full infographic.

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How Will Amazon Fire Affect Your App’s Users?

Amazon’s unveiling of their new phone has set the tech news world aflame today (yes, bad pun intended). While this is exciting news, app owners must wonder how this phone is going to affect users’ experience in every other retail app. Will existing customers stop shopping in your app because it’s easier to use the […]

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Paktor avoids a HUGE mistake by A/B testing before deploying

Paktor is an innovative mobile dating app targeting the Asia market that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. With Paktor, finding a match is as simple as a swipe and a click. The Paktor team was ready to implement a change to the app that they were pretty sure would increase engagement in the app […]

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Get Started with Mobile A/B Testing using ONE Easy Test

I talk to a lot of app developers and product managers on a regular basis about A/B testing their mobile app. The feedback I hear the most is: “I know I need to start A/B testing, but we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.” The feeling is that A/B testing mobile is a big […]

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How Segmentation Can Correct Misleading A/B Testing Results

When looking at A/B testing results, just seeing that one variant is statistically significantly better than another sometimes does not tell the whole story. As experimenters and business decision makers, what we really want to know is why. Did users respond to badly to a new item sorting algorithm because it put less appealing items […]

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Make A/B Tests for Android Apps in Real-time and Without Coding

After several months of development and with the feedback of our amazing beta users, we are officially releasing the production version of our Visual Apptimizer for Android! The latest stable version of the Apptimize SDK will enable you to create A/B tests without coding and without waiting for any app store’s or user’s update. Here […]

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Customize Mobile A/B Tests Depending on User Source, Behavior, and More!

In March, Apptimize added targeting to our list of features available on our A/B testing platform. Targeting allows iOS and Android app owners to specify which users are part of an A/B test. Our built-in targeting options allow you to target based on the user’s country, language, system version, and other data that are collected […]

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Infographic: 7 Things to A/B Test in a Gaming App

Knowing what to test the hardest part of getting started with A/B testing. This is why we created the “7 Things to A/B Test” series that began with the 7 Things to Test in a Retail App. Here is our second infographic in the series: 7 Things to A/B Test in a Gaming App. Click […]

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3 Reasons Why Measuring ROI is Harder Than It Looks

Twenty years ago, marketing meant expensive television commercials or PR pieces in trade magazines. Measuring return on investment (ROI) was practically impossible. But online businesses today can quantify the number of impressions, clicks, purchases, and almost anything else surrounding their marketing efforts. Measuring ROI seems like it should be simple given the explosion of data […]

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