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Leverage User Onboarding to Create Personalized In-App Experiences

An endless content repository is a double-edged sword. If users can’t find what they are looking for or discover content they are interested in, they are almost guaranteed to abandon your app. Many apps aim to improve user retention by helping users continuously discover relevant content, aided by their self-reported preferences. The foundation of this type of […]

by Varun Rathi
Apptimize Presents Mainstage Session with Flipagram at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat 2017 about the Future of Mobile Development

Apptimize CEO, Nancy Hua, and Flipagam Chief Product Officer, Hans Ku, presented on the mainstage at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat conference on Tuesday, July 11. The talk focused on how to move past the slow mobile development cycle to innovate faster and create apps that users love. Nancy discussed what differentiates average apps from the most successful, […]

by Apptimize
Why Mobile Growth Is Actually About Retention: How Optimizing In-App Experience Leads To 2x Faster Growth

Originally published in Martech Series by Apptimize. Trying to grow your active user base is a lot like trying to fill up a leaky bucket. The bigger the hole, the faster you have to add more water and the more time and resources you have to spend doing so. And boy are apps leaky. 80% of all app users […]

by Apptimize
Apptimize Unveils New OTT App Platform to Enhance Experiences on Android TV and Apple TV

Originally published in Martech Series by Sudipto Ghosh. New OTT App Testing Enables Organizations to Know What Works on Apple TV and Android TV. This will Convert Users into Paid Subscribers. The Over-the-Top (OTT) revenue for 2019 is predicted to double to around 17.8 billion as more households break up with their traditional Pay TV providers. In 2017, […]

by Apptimize
Apptimize pulls in $12.4 million to help companies deploy apps faster

Originally published in Tech Crunch by Sarah Perez. Apptimize, a company that helps businesses optimize, test and rapidly iterate their mobile apps, has just raised $12.4 million in a new round of Series B funding. Investor interest was strong due to the client list Apptimize has lined up, which includes notable names like Hotel Tonight, […]

by Apptimize
Announcing Mobilize by Apptimize 2017

We are excited to announce Mobilize by Apptimize 2017! Mobilize — a conference focused on mobile testing and data-driven product development — will take place on Monday, October 16th at the iconic Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. Building off the tremendous success of last year’s event, this year’s summit is shaping up to be […]

by Apptimize
How the Best Entertainment Apps Use UX to Hook Users

Entertainment apps make big bucks. Spotify and Apple Music generate over $7B in revenue. Netflix is close to breaking the $9B mark. And no one knows for certain how much YouTube makes, but estimates put it at higher than all of the above. It may seem like the entertainment vertical is great for app developers, but […]

by Apptimize
This is How Top-Grossing Apps Design Their UX for High Engagement

In 2016 alone, the Apple App Store and Google Play generated a combined net revenue of $8.7 billion. The astounding amount included revenue from in-app sales of anything from animated bear-and-rabbit stickers to countless replays of all four seasons of Silicon Valley. The secret behind the most profitable apps available in the app stores today […]

by Apptimize
3 Tactics Retail Giants Use to Encourage Mobile App Engagement

A simple mobile-app-only sales campaign can easily boost app downloads for a retailer. The challenge for retailers, however, comes in convincing users to keep using their mobile apps after that initial sale has been claimed. Mobile retail apps need to provide ongoing value to keep users engaged in the long run. That’s why user engagement […]

by Apptimize
How the Largest Apps by Revenue Ace User Onboarding

Onboarding users to your mobile app isn’t just about teaching them how to use your features or what they can accomplish through your app. While some apps generate millions in revenue, most apps in the app store never reach a critical mass of users to make it pass the sink line. User onboarding offers mobile […]

by Apptimize