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How to Use Email to Drive Mobile Engagement

How to Use Email to Drive Mobile Engagement When users aren’t engaging with your app, it’s tempting to send push notifications and SMS messages to get their attention ASAP. But a user’s phone screen is their sacred space. Spamming them with intrusive demands and feature updates is a great way to get your app uninstalled […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
Fuel Mobile Growth Without Crashing: 23 Ways to Improve User Retention

Mobile retention rates have reached a historic low—at just 23% across all industries. Many mobile product managers use this number as a crutch. If most of the industry can’t even keep a quarter of their users, surely their 30% or 40% retention rate is acceptable, . But a few other hair-raising stats help us put this […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
Why Fixing Week One Retention Will Save Your Mobile App

The average app hemorrhages 77% of daily active users within three days after they download it. By 30 days, this figure skyrockets to 90%. While this paints a bleak picture for mobile product managers, there’s more to the story. The top 5,000 apps in Google’s Play store have vastly different retention numbers—but past Day One […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
Thanks for Helping Apptimize Raise $12.4M

Hi, everyone! Nancy here. I’m excited to announce our $12.4M in funding! We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you to everyone who has helped share their Apptimize experiences so far. Our customers are seeing incredible results and inspire us to push the envelope on innovation. For Apptimize customers, partners, and our team, this […]

by Nancy Hua
How to Measure User Retention and Track Improvement

How do I track and measure user retention? If you’re managing a fairly successful mobile app, you’ll inevitably run into user retention issues. User acquisition tactics can get you quick traction,but building sustainable, long-term growth all comes down to user retention. But if you’re like most teams, how you measure and report retention isn’t always […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
A Primer on Mobile User Retention

Solid mobile user acquisition channels? Check. Onboarding? Could use some tweaking. User retention? …..needs work. If you’ve got decent traction for your app already, retaining mobile users likely is your top objective. Yet retention is often this nebulous term everyone says they’re focused on but few actually put into practice. So what does a strong […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
10 Ways to Increase User Retention w/o Building Costly New Features

There isn’t a mobile team I’ve talked to yet who doesn’t consider user retention one of their top priorities. When you think of increasing user retention though, most often what comes to mind are cost or time expensive features like: Gamification Push notifications VIP Programs Email Campaigns Customer Support/Success Adding new “retention features” such as […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
App Store Best Practices: Get the Clicks and Conversions You’re Looking For

This is a guest post by Kristina Altman of TestNest If your app is not as major of a player in the App Store as some other apps like Instagram or Minecraft, then you’re probably not seeing hundreds of thousands of downloads on a monthly basis. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get there […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
Growth Hacking for Mobile Product Managers

Mobile product management is taking the PM world by storm. As more companies make the transition to mobile, PMs everywhere are expanding their knowledge to encompass a new set of tools that can be applied directly to mobile products. Although mobile is the next big thing in product management, the learning curve can be steep. […]

by Yinmeng Zhang
5 Onboarding Mistakes You Might Not Even Know You’ve Made

By Hannah Levenson of Appsee Almost any app in today’s mushrooming mobile market employs some sort of onboarding tactic. Yet just because an app has utilized inline hinting or a tutorial does not mean it can simply check off the task of onboarding as “done”. In reality most apps are actually making small yet grave […]

by Guest
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