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3 Ways the Top Health & Fitness Apps Have Great User Retention

Product leaders are increasingly realizing that simply acquiring users isn’t enough for their mobile apps. In order to form lasting connections, you need to focus on user retention: demonstrating the value of your product as a means to earn loyal users who will engage on a regular basis. As retention gains importance as a KPI for […]

by Neha Mittal
Leverage User Onboarding to Create Personalized In-App Experiences

An endless content repository is a double-edged sword. If users can’t find what they are looking for or discover content they are interested in, they are almost guaranteed to abandon your app. Many apps aim to improve user retention by helping users continuously discover relevant content, aided by their self-reported preferences. The foundation of this type of […]

by Varun Rathi
How Runtastic Boosted Paid Android Subscriptions by 44%

Runtastic has a portfolio of over 15 health and fitness apps which combine traditional fitness models with mobile technology. Runtastic has over 95 million registered users. THE CHALLENGE In-app membership upgrades for freemium users are a core part of Runtastic’s monetization strategy. Runtastic wanted to A/B test and improve the conversion rate of users reaching […]

by Varun Rathi
How HotelTonight Increased Conversions by 15% by Eliminating Mandatory Account Creation

HotelTonight is the leading mobile-only solution for last minute hotel bookings, with over 20 million app downloads across 1,700 markets in 36 countries. THE CHALLENGE Even though HotelTonight is far ahead of its competition in the steps and time needed to book a hotel room, they wanted to streamline their checkout flow further to increase […]

by Varun Rathi
How 3 Mobile Shopping Apps Boost Conversions Through These Simple Features [A/B Tests Included]

If you’re in the retail space and haven’t optimized your sales process for mobile conversions yet, now’s the time to take action. On Black Friday last November, mobile devices generated $1.2 billion of purchases. If that number seems impressive at first glance, it’s even more impressive in context: Mobile purchases amounted to 35.9% of the […]

by Apptimize
3 Optimized Onboarding Flows from Top Travel Apps You Can Test Today

What’s the best way to onboard users to your travel app so that they’ll stick around for a long time? The short answer is it depends. It depends on your app’s core function, your ideal user’s behavior, and your features’ complexity. Frustrating as this answer may sound at first, it actually holds good news for […]

by Apptimize
From Installed to Engaged: How to Leverage Deep Linking to Turn Downloads Into Users

This is a guest post written by James Stuebner of Branch Metrics. As a mobile app developer, you’re working hard to drive new users to your app. You’re focusing on creating meaningful ad campaigns, updating a mobile website, and sharing your app with every channel and person you come across. You’re investing hours into improving […]

by Apptimize
The Ultimate Guide to the Hamburger Menu and Its Alternatives

The hamburger menu has gotten a lot of flak over the years, some for justifiable reasons and some not. One reason for its controversy is simply that it’s so darn popular on all kinds of apps. An overwhelming majority of the posts we’ve seen online only seem to be a one-sided bashing of the popular […]

by Apptimize
6 Methods to Reduce Friction in Your Mobile Funnel

Converting users into customers can be a difficult task for many apps. Often on the go, users can be easily derailed by the slightest bumps, whether they be physical distractions or friction in the funnel. This week, we’re sharing 6 of the best methods to help convert mobile users into customers, and how you can […]

by Apptimize
Mobile Logins Suck. 5 Ways to Suck a Lot Less

Password logins. They’re the bane of mobile users around the world, yet we’re still forced to use them for almost every app on our phones. The process we’ve ported over from web seems archaic and much more tedious than it ever was with a full-sized keyboard, making you wonder if there’s a better way. According […]

by Apptimize
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